Super Soco TC Max review: A small 125 electric motorcycle for a small price

Super Soco TC Max review: A small 125 electric motorcycle for a small price

The star of 125 electric motorcycles, the Super Soco TC Max is the best seller in France. What is it worth in reality? The answer in this first test conducted in the Paris region.

As one of the purest players in e-mobility, Super Soco quickly made its mark with a range of electric two-wheelers that are both efficient and affordable. The Sino-Australian brand’s flagship product, the Super Soco TC Max, even topped the sales of electric motorcycles in France in the first half of the year!

Center motor and removable battery

While the majority of Chinese electric motorcycles have a motor integrated directly into the rear wheel, Super Soco has opted for a mid-mounted motor connected to a belt drive. It is supplied by Bosch and develops a power of 5 kW, which puts this TC Max in the category of 125 equivalent electric motorcycles.

The battery is housed under the “tank”. Removable, it collects 3.2 kWh of energy capacity and recharges in 3h30. It can be charged directly on the motorcycle or detached to charge at home or in the office. If this is a big benefit for those who live in an apartment and don’t have a parking space, you need to remember to do a few strength training sessions before lugging around that 40+ pound backpack.

Bike-wise, the little Super Soco bike is well constructed with an aluminum swingarm, a nice little anodized 35mm diameter upside-down fork and disc brakes. However, there is no ABS. The saddle is quite short, but the bike is still approved for two people. In terms of finish, the TC Max has nothing to envy to the big brands in the industry. The plastics are well adjusted and the instrumentation fairly well done. There is also LED lighting on the front and rear lights.

Interesting: the estimated range displayed on the dashboard changes automatically depending on the selected driving mode. With an 80% charged battery, the odometer shows us 110 km in “1” mode, the most economical. At tier three, the strongest, the estimate drops to 55 km.

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Ideal for the city

At the beginning we choose the most economical mode. Well adjusted, it is perfect for urban use. When starting, we go ahead without compulsion. On the other hand, engine braking is very light or almost non-existent. The Super Soco motorcycle is very pleasant to ride and offers an excellent turning radius and a relatively low weight of only 120 kilos, which makes it very easy to handle. Narrow, it slides very easily between the car lines.

Despite the slightly high toe clips, the seating position remains correct, especially for a bike of this size. On the chassis side, the whole thing filters quite well, even if the shock absorber can seem a bit hectic out of town.

Ideal for the city, this Super Soco TC Max drives just as comfortably on motorways and expressways and easily beats its 110 km/h top speed. In terms of autonomy, count on 70-80 km driving on expressways. In the city and if you prefer mode 1, which is more than enough, you can cover a few hundred kilometers. It’s very good considering the battery capacity.

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An affordable electric motorcycle

One of the cheapest electric motorcycles on the market, the Super Soco TC Max can be found for under €5,000 with no state aid.

If it remains more expensive than its thermal equivalents, we must not forget to take into account the daily savings in the price of fuel but also in parking, which will soon be paid for thermal motorcycles in the capital.

We would like We liked it less
  • Price-performance ratio
  • Removable battery
  • dealing with the city
  • No ABS
  • Regenerative braking too easy

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