Purchasing power: Your old electronic devices can bring you an unbelievable fortune!

While the purchasing power of the French seems to be falling due to a lack of inflation, there is something that could help you. In fact, it turns out that some of your old devices could be salvaging your bank accounts. We explain everything to you here.

Gold in your bottom drawer

Whether intentional or not, not throwing away some of your old gadgets could help you financially. And that can only be good for your purchasing power. In fact, your old gadgets are like treasures that have increased in value over time. This emerges from a study by ecoATM that was presented. This company specializes in Restoration of old phonesas far as smartphones are concerned.

According to her, old electrical appliances worth more than 11.4 billion euros are lying dormant throughout France. This sum means thaton average each household would have the equivalent of 392.50 euros in the drawers or closets. Sure, that’s average, but it would still be good for everyone’s finances.

A backup solution

The study also attempted to determine why these devices appeared to be kept and at what level. In fact, the results show that, on average, each household has between two and three old phones. “So the French have an average of 2.3 unused cell phones for more than a year“. Moreover, according to the study, it is still more thana quarter of the French who would keep more than three phones at home.

The main reason for this device retention is usually “just in case”. And yes, that is also the reason why everything seems to have been preserved. Electronic devices are also included. In fact, it’s almost half of the people who have idle phones that justify this choice wisdom. If they ever need it, there is a backup solution.

Another worrying reason for this preservation is that recycling. In fact, it is still one in five people who want to get rid of old devices don’t know where and how to do that.

Recycle old devices

Of course, there is an ecological way to get rid of your old devices. Much more than the solution we see too often throw in nature. In fact, you can take your old devices to a recycling center. There are many collection points that even allow your old companions to find a second life.

There are more than 12,000 points in total, distributed almost everywhere in France. You can also opt for this a good action by getting rid of old equipment. In fact, there are many associations that would remain like to pick up some old equipment such as washing machines, dishes and much more. The best known is of course Emmaus.

On the other hand, if you want during this difficult time Make some money, you can through your devices. In fact, for all unused devices, it may be possible that this is the case withdrawn from some stores. For example the Fnac Offers to collect old devices in exchange for gift vouchers. There are other shops than Fnac, worth checking out. So you can do it on the stores websites to find all the recovery conditions what Increase your purchasing power.

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