In France, dependent employment continued to increase in the second quarter

The French economy continues to create jobs. The National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (Insee) counts 102,000 net job creations in the private sector in the second quarter of 2022 in its flash estimate published on Friday, August 5th, which represents an increase of 0.5% compared to the first quarter. This is the sixth consecutive quarterly increase.

Despite the uncertainties weighing on the economy, these figures therefore confirm the good employment situation observed previously, combined with a moderate unemployment rate (7.3% in the first quarter according to the Institute) . If 2021 had already largely compensated for the effects of the Covid-19 crisis (+4.3% on the full year, i.e. 838,700 more jobs), the sustained momentum is reflected in a significantly higher number of jobs than before the crisis: mid-2022 private employment exceeded its level at the end of 2019 by 3.8% (+ 754,200 jobs).

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In detail, only temporary work recorded a decline (−2.1%) between the end of March and the end of June after a successful year in 2021. Excluding temporary work, the industrial tertiary sector seems to be the big winner and almost alone explains the good development on the labor market: growth of 0.8% in the second quarter after 0.6% in the first (i.e. an increase of 97,300 jobs after 77,300 in the first quarter ). The tertiary sector is even 4.5% above its pre-crisis level. In turn, industry, agriculture and even construction are stabilizing.

difficulties in recruiting

These good figures, presented in a detailed report on 8 holders of professionalization contracts). After revising its 2021 figures to include job creation related to work-study programs, INSEE said in June that the dynamism of these youth-only contracts was responsible for a third of job growth for all of 2021.

Insee’s flash estimate does not provide any additional information on the type of employment contract and the working hours of the workers filling these new positions, nor does it allow us to go back to the structural problems that employers report that they start hiring difficulties and the decline in productivity since 2020.

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