Electric bike: The state purchase subsidy will be increased to 300 euros on August 15th

The premium for the purchase of an electrically assisted bicycle will increase from 15 August from 200 to 300 euros, for people in precarious circumstances or with disabilities to 400 euros.

While the government extended the eco-bonus for the purchase of a new electric car to 6000 euros in early July, the bicycle will receive an additional boost from August 15th to December 31st.

An amendment to the Financial Amendment Act provides for a strengthening of purchasing aids, especially for electrically assisted bicycles (VAE).

No longer just as a supplement to regional aid

The text provides for increasing the premium for the purchase of a VAE from the current maximum of 200 euros to 300 euros. A priori, your payment will remain income-related (reference tax revenue per share below EUR 13,489), but no longer linked to the granting of subsidies by a municipality. So far, the bonus only allows this assistance to be supplemented (with the exception of the cargo bike bonus of 1,000 euros introduced in July 2021).

However, as Renaissance MEPs explain in the text of the amendment, “there are few purchase subsidy schemes outside of urban areas, while cycling can be a useful response in medium-sized cities, in the countryside and in the suburbs: only 4% of areas with fewer than 50,000 residents offer shopping assistance, compared to 100% of the 14 areas with more than 500,000 residents”.

Aid can reach 400 euros for the most vulnerable households in the first two income deciles. The latter can also receive a subsidy for the purchase of a “classic” bicycle (without electric assistance) of 150 euros.

The “other bikes” allowance is open to folding bikes with an allowance of 1,000 euros (2,000 euros for the most vulnerable) within the limit of 40% of the cost of the bike under the same resource conditions.

People with disabilities can also claim this allowance without any income requirements for the purchase of an adapted bicycle.

Bonus for increased conversion… for bikes

It should also be noted that the conversion premium, which makes it possible to obtain additional aid for the scrapping of a diesel car or van registered before 2011 or a petrol one registered before 2006, now allows the purchase of several bicycles for a single household, while it was previously limited to one. This will make it easier for households to replace their vehicle with the number of bicycles needed.

For the most vulnerable households, this bonus can be doubled from 1500 euros to 3000 euros.

All this help can always be combined with local help. For example, Ile-de-France offers a purchase aid of 500 euros for a new VAE and 600 euros for a cargo bike.

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