Health – The new ophthalmic building of the Limoges Polyclinic was inaugurated on Monday on 4,500 m²

It is 4:15 p.m. this Monday, August 1st, in the south zone of Limoges. Danielle and Gaston leave the new ophthalmology building on rue du Général-Catroux. The couple are among the first patients of the structure to open to the public on the same morning, following a project initiated in 2017. They smile. “That was my annual meeting,” explains the pensioner. I arrived at 3:30 pm and I’ll be out again, it’s much faster than the old location and the place is more beautiful too! Let’s not talk about the parking garage: “It’s wonderful We found a place immediately ! »

Danielle is happy, but “we mustn’t forget that it is august 1st “, nuances the director of the polyclinic, Cécile Blanc. In any case, “we have done everything to ensure that the treatment runs better” than at the old location, emphasizes an ophthalmologist.

The move that is coming to an end makes it possible more rooma additional operating roomRooms for the types of care and a rearrangement of the circuit… but the idea is also closed reduce waiting timeson site and by appointment.

Attract other ophthalmologists

“Such a center is more attractive for recruiting employees. If there are two or three more, it affects the deadlines… The orthoptists will also provide support, which relieves the traffic jam a little. When waiting on site, “the conditions are more pleasant”: coffee machines, multimedia sockets, making appointments after a consultation and the presence of anesthesiologists modify the offer.

bonus Five years after the start of the project, the building will enable at least 8,000 outpatient surgeries per year

As for the name, which will not remain the one inscribed on the arrows for now, “we’re not sure, but we’d leave it “Chénieux Ophthalmology Center” ‘ says Cecile Blanc. A simple name for “the biggest center” of its kind in New Aquitaine, “even in France it has to be played against Nantes”. Inauguration scheduled for September 30th.

Some numbers:

4,500 : The new building for ophthalmology covers 4,500 m². The old one stretched over 2,700 m².

3 : It is divided into three levels: ground floor for consultations (Chénieux-Vision) and monitoring of certain eye diseases; a floor with four operating rooms; and a garden level (level -1) for treatment of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

500 : The structure, which welcomes 500 people a day, brings together 19 ophthalmologists and 9 orthoptists (from September there will be eleven).

Marion busy

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