Motorhomes: New vehicle sales down in 2022!

Vehicle sales in July fell. If vans and RVs have had the coast for two years, today their popularity is on the wane.

Since the emergence of Covid-19 and the successive lockdowns, many French people have felt the desire for freedom, space and nature. Result, In 2020 and 2021 the sale of campervans and motorhomes started. Several tendencies and states of mind emerged during this period, such as van life for example.

But this year the “hype” come back down Sale of new mobile homes are down in the first quarter in comparison to the previous year. she even fall by 18% by numbers from AAA data.

A declining commercial vehicle market

This decline in sales of new motorhomes must be recontextualized overall. As a whole, the commercial vehicle market, including vans and mobile homesdecreases. -24% in 6 months after experiencing a 2021 in the green at +6% of registrations. In the same year, sales of new motorhomes even exploded. they had 25% jumped !

Shortage of semiconductors also affects motorhomes

Like the car, the mobile home is also affected the semiconductor crisis, known in the automotive world. They even technically need more electronic parts than cars.

The sector is also a victim of the sharp rise in prices, due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. That makes the market new and used mobile home a lot of less accessible to the public.

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RV and van rentals are still popular

Make no mistake, motorhomes and other van conversions still have a bright future ahead of them. More and more French are still taking the plunge towards Rental of these commercial vehicles for vacation for example. Instead of going abroad, many turn to the economy or ecology because of our beautiful country. Old school, over-equipped, compact… There’s something for everyone!

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