Two young Albigensians create a mojito on tap

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Loros Mojito, Quesaco? It was the idea of ​​two young Albigensians who marketed the first draft Mojito, packed in barrels and served like a beer.

A base of rum, soda, lime and some fresh mint leaves… Your mojito is ready to taste… Marius Chapon and Louis Midy, two young students from Albi, had a drink. When it came time to give birth, the two students decided to use this time wisely. One is studying law in Paris, the other is a student pilot with Air France in Toulouse.

“For many, confinement was a time of creativity. We had returned to Albi to spend time with family and had the idea to create our mojito on tap.” Yes, you read that right, a mojito packed in kegs and served like a draft beer. The two young 24-year-old Albigensians throw themselves into this project.

Through tests, trials and tastings with friends or family, Marius and Louis finally find the ideal formula. “Of course we wanted to have a quality product with fresh produce that can be stored in barrels for 6 months. So we multiplied the tests. Sometimes you had to add 1% sugar or remove 1% rum, etc. We got everyone around us to try different profiles to get closer to what we wanted.” After a year and a half, the Albigensians finally found the formula … The “The Print Mojito” brand was born.

Bartender apprentices become entrepreneurs

Before becoming a pilot, Louis began studying engineering. It was he who took care of the “technical” part, with casks and brewing know-how. In their small premises, converted into a production center, the plastic tank used for their first blends is still standing. The material is now of a completely different caliber.

With his legal knowledge, Marius takes care of the legal part and the paperwork.

The two trainees have therefore been ready for a few months and can market their recipe. And at none other than the Pause Guitar Festival, Marius and Louis signed their first contract. “We asked them and it went very well. We’ve been focused on this contract for months. All in all, “Der Druckmojito” supplied the big Albigensian festival with 1,800 liters of Druckmojito, Loros Mojito, as they called it.

Now they just have to make this first success a reality, they hope. A bar in Lescure, a caterer, an event in Cahors, etc. It’s off to a good start,” the two entrepreneurs rejoice.

But by the way, why a mojito and why on tap? “Simply because it’s the most popular cocktail. In a crowded bar or nightclub, you’re rarely satisfied with your hastily prepared mojito when 30 people are waiting at the counter. At a festival, you won’t be offered anything other than beer or wine. There it is packed in barrels and ready for use. You can add an ice cube or a mint leaf for aesthetic reasons, but the mix is ​​already done and all the flavors are already there.”

What remains is the taste…

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