Belfort-Montbéliard. Urban fuel shortage: Several total stations affected

At some gas stations in the city area the fuel is running out. Don’t panic, we’re still a long way from the “scarcity” that the International Energy Agency feared last June, particularly because of the war in Ukraine.

The hypermarkets and supermarkets we contacted all assured us: “There are no defects announced by our suppliers”.

“More diesel” in Menoncourt

Only total stations are affected in this sector. Not all. The ones that were delivered a few days ago still have stock. But anyone who counted on their delivery on Thursday and Friday, when deliveries are made daily, soon dried up. This is the case for the total station at Menoncourt in the Territoire de Belfort. “We didn’t get any deliveries this morning, so we don’t have any more diesel for this weekend,” regrets the manager on the phone. “But there is still Diesel+”.

“We still have fuel,” comments Madame De Ronchi from the total station in Pont-de-Roide from the workshop of the same name. “But the order we had planned for yesterday (editor’s note: Thursday) has not arrived. Annoying for their customers because the workshop is closed this Friday evening for annual vacation.

A million liters per month in Montbéliard

The possible bottlenecks have nothing to do with the discounts at the pump of the French oil company. The 12-cent discount announced in June only applies to stations that are on the Autobahn. The discount of 20 centimes per liter announced at the end of July does not come into effect until 1 Januaryah September.

Some total stations still had fuel on Friday. This was the case in the late morning in Voujeaucourt or in the late afternoon in Giromagny.

At the Total Access petrol station in the Nedey concession in Montbéliard, on the other hand, as of Friday morning there were no longer any unleaded 98 or 95 E10. Logic. “The Montbéliard station has a million liters per month, that of Valentigney 300,000 and that of Voujeaucourt 200,000,” comments the head of the group of the same name, Valère Nedey. The total station in Valentigney was completely closed on Friday morning. In summary, larger flows encountered bottlenecks faster.

Valère Nedey: “There will be petrol this weekend”

There are several reasons for these delivery delays. “We are supplied from Mulhouse,” explains Valère Nedey. But the current level of the Rhine is no longer sufficient to ensure the supply of fuel. In that case, “Dijon takes care of the supply,” he continues. Problem: On the Dijon side, we are dependent on the Feyzin refinery, which has been struggling in recent days and has been shut down, causing fuel shortages elsewhere in France. After all, it is the Marseille refinery that supplies Dijon. Bottlenecks are therefore more likely to be delivery delays associated with these logistical problems. But Valère Nedey reassured him about his group’s stations that “there will be petrol this weekend”.

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