The English are crazy about these original flavored ice creams

UNUSUAL – It’s nothing new, the English are known for their very odd cuisine, devouring sausage-covered eggs or a lard pudding. All for breakfast, of course.

But our British neighbors took a new step towards naughtiness this summer by taking mayonnaise ice cream, as you can (unfortunately) see in our video at the top of the article.

Fashion designer Anya Hindmarch had the strange idea of ​​” The Ice Cream Project Specifically, it’s an ephemeral shop in London that offers 14 exceptional flavors of ice cream. Forget vanilla or chocolate: here customers order scoops of soy sauce, ketchup, HP sauce or even baked beans. A scoop will set you back £3.5 (€4.15) and the 500ml jar sold for £10 (approx. €12).

“British Cupboard Classics”

The aim is to improve everyday taste. “, explains the Reuters agency Hannah Wearne, shop assistant in this unusual shop. “ We took the classics from British pantry cupboards and turned them into ice cream. »

Launched in The Village on July 9th, the store is always full. According to managers, the equivalent of six weeks of ice cream was sold in just four days. “ Our ice cream flavors are very popular. We have our own regulars which is really nice ‘ adds the employee.

“Due to the success of The Ice Cream Project, you may have to queue before entering the store. We will always do our best to serve as many people as possible. There may be days when we have to close the queue to avoid disappointment for those who wait unnecessarily. »

Managers also clarified that the most popular flavors are Kellogg’s Froosties cereal ice cream and Coco Pops. The pop-up store closes on August 28th.

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