Citroën E-Mehari and Bolloré Bluesummer prototypes for sale

Several Citroën E-Mehari and Bolloré Bluesummer, including prototypes, were put up for sale by a company that modified these models for the rally. Some of the specimens offered are unused, but all are sold without batteries.



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Several Citroën E-Mehari and Bolloré Bluesummer prototypes are for sale.

EV solutions

Solutions-VE is a company that develops electric competition buggies, specifically for the Aïcha des Gazelles Rally, a women’s rally that takes place every year in the Moroccan desert. The event has included an electric vehicle class since 2017, and prior to the development of a dedicated vehicle, Solutions-VE modified and offered for rent Citroën E-Mehari and Bolloré Bluesummer, two “cousin” models assembled at the PSA plant ( now Stellantis) at Rennes-la Janais, Brittany. The company now sells several copies.

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Citroën E-Mehari Rally

Solutions-VE have developed their own electric buggy, pictured left.

EV solutions

A development base for electric rallying

In view of the 2017 Rally, Solutions-VE had managed to acquire several Citroën and Bolloré E-Mehari and Bluesummers, including a certain number of prototypes, in order to convert them for the competition. The progress of the company’s projects is now forcing it to make room. The vehicles in question are sold without a working battery, and some cannot be registered on public roads. They should therefore serve as a spare parts store or as a development basis for various projects or even be used on private property if a battery is found.

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Bolloré Bluesummer Rally

The vehicles used in rallying were put to the test.

EV solutions

A dozen vehicles for sale

The vehicles are in Var and the ad is visible on Leboncoin. The list of items for sale includes:

  • 4 Bolloré Bluesummers with gray card, no battery, used in rallies, between €2,000 and €2,500 each
  • 3 Bolloré Bluesummers with registration certificate, defective battery, several parts to replace, some included, each between €3,000 and €3,500
  • 3 non-legal Citroën E-Mehari prototypes missing a battery and certain cabin elements, between €1,500 and €2,500 each
  • 1 incomplete Bolloré Bluesummer, €800
  • Various spare parts for Citroën E-Mehari and Bolloré Bluesummer


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