This device you never turn off will significantly increase your electricity bill!

Do you know leaving a Device permanently on without any particular reason can lead to expensive bills? For your information: The television is the most important device in the house. In addition, the television offers the opportunity to watch films as well as exciting shows. However, if it seems difficult to do without, you should know that its use must remain limitedbecause this increases the electricity bill significantly.

High bills: blame this device

The television has a minimum electrical power of 50 watts and a maximum power of 600 watts. If we do the math, an LCD television that runs for a few hours a day means an annual consumption of between 65 kWh and 110 kWh. And this acc TV size. In terms of bills, the total cost of this consumption ranges from 16 to 27 euros per year.

Several factors are taken into account in the calculation. The first factor relates to the type of TV you own. With LED lighting, consumption is half that of an LCD television. For information: A 40-inch TV consumes around 95 kWh.

With a 42-inch plasma television, annual consumption doubles. With it, it can consume up to 300 kWh, which corresponds to an expenditure of 50 euros. In addition to these factors, one must also consider duration of its use. A TV that goes into standby mode also uses more energy. You should know that for every hour of non-use, the TV consumes 3 W per hour or 26 kWh per year. And converted into euros, that makes about 7 euros on the bills.

Practical tips for saving

You must therefore know the average consumption of your television to know whether you want to maintain or reduce its consumption. For the second option, here’s what you need to do to reach your billing goal. Reducing your consumption seems far too difficult. However, there are simple techniques that can help. If only a few euros.

Firstly, using an LED TV remains much more economical in terms of cost its energy consumption. And that in comparison to an LCD television. In addition, it is recommended to turn off the TV and unplug it when not in use. And this since a standby device always manages to consumemoney on your bills. After all, the size of the TV plays an important role in consumption. The larger it is, the more energy it consumes throughout the year. Therefore, it is often more appropriate in a household to opt for a medium-sized television.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose a power manager that offers a good value for money and an attractive offer. Taking into account everyone’s opinions on the various power managers. A kind of competition has developed between the providers. You can also watch TV with reduced or increased brightness. Allow to reduce the electricity bill.

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