Volkswagen will launch its flying car in 2023

In 2023, Volkswagen wants to launch its flying car, the prototype of which it has just presented.

Flying car - Volkswagen unveils its autonomous vehicle that is expected to fly by 2023

No, you’re not in Harry Potter or in one of them Science fiction movies. Volkswagenthe German brand with its Asian subsidiary has just presented the prototype of theirs flying car under construction. A real flying car that could keep us staring at the sky until 2023 and regularly until 2030.

Volkswagen presents the car of the future

Revealed by the Asian subsidiary of VolkswagenThis car of the future looks like eVTOL electronic drone, from which it takes the basics. As a result, the aircraft is able to take off and land vertically. He is nicknamed ” flying tiger » and can carry up to 4 people without a driver. A fully autonomous car, thus benefiting from the many works being carried out in the automotive sector around the world.

According to Zhou Jin, the leader of this project, the “flying tiger” wants to revolutionize that automotive sector. As a result, the first models can be brought onto the market before the end of this decade. In fact, the brand remains convinced that the future of cars belongs to flying cars.

“Vertical mobility is likely to be an important part of the future of urban and long-distance transportation in China’s megacities,” Zhou Jin said.

Volkswagen and its subsidiary hope to have these cars flying in Chinese skies by 2030. But there is no lack of demand in Europe or America. In addition, interest has been high for several years. For this reason, the first tests will start soon.

Many other brands are working on flying cars

No, Volkswagen and its Chinese subsidiary are not the pioneers in this flying car sector. long before them Boeing and airbus had already expressed their interest and set up a corresponding project.

In addition, recently in 2021, the diamond mark, Renaultpresented his project air4. A flying car that pays homage to the 4L was launched almost 6 decades ago.

In addition to these already well-known brands in the industry, other little thumbs are also working on the flying car. This applies in particular to the Startup small vision. In 2017 she presented her project for theAirCar. This flying car also managed to fly 35 minutes to connect Nistra and Bratislava.

Klein Vision AirCar

Much progress has already been made in this area. However, it will still be a good decade before these cars are available on the market. Likewise, a privileged few should be the first beneficiaries, as Volkswagen is already planning with its flying tiger.

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