DACIA will launch BIGSTER and the new DUSTER 2024-25

We’ve known for quite some time that Dacia is working to launch a new large SUV alongside the new generation Dacia Duster, these two new models are expected to be launched as early as 2024.

On the aesthetic level, several designers have imagined the Duster 3, mainly based on the Romanian brand’s new style codes that appeared with the launch of the new Sandero and Logan. Many also noticed elements of the latest “Dacia Bigster” concept, which was recently unveiled and foreshadows the brand’s future models.

With Logan and Sandero, the new Duster will share the CMF-B platform, an interesting fact that can be disappointing in some respects since no vehicle based on this platform at all has been offered since the beginning of its use. Four-wheel drive, which indicates that the future generation of Dacia Duster will not offer a 4×4 version.

the new duster will also have to adopt many features from its big brother, the Bigster. The concept was received with enthusiasm and it will therefore be more logical that the new Dacia design office, which benefits from a great deal of design freedom, does not let the new generation of its bestseller benefit from all these developments. We therefore expect a much more impressive front end, a new design and some new style elements, as announced by the designer switching from Aston Martin to Dacia. He wants the Dacia to look like a much more expensive car despite its affordability.

Under the hood, diesel engines will likely disappear and be replaced by hybrid technology, likely with Renault’s E-Tech hybrid versions based on the naturally aspirated 1.6 engine. It will be a technology that will be priced lower in three years than it is today. So it will be possible to offer a spacious and hybrid crossover for just over 20,000 euros. The new Duster is also expected to feature mild hybrid petrol engines, possibly with a 1.2-litre block.

As for the Bigster, it was shown in concept form early last year. Dacia has confirmed that the Bigster is 4.6 meters long, which is roughly the same as the Land Rover Discovery Sport. However, the teaser images we’ve already published claim that the Bigster is meant to compete with more compact models like the T-Roc, starting at around €23,000.

The new Dacia Bigster, which we first saw at the Renaulution conference in early 2021, was developed on the CMF-B platform, the same platform used by the Sandero model. The designers of the new Bigster used Y-shaped headlights, as well as the new Dacia logo, which will soon appear on production cars.

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