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On the Montceau-les-Mines site in the Bois du Verne.

In Montceau-les-Mines, on the territory of the Community and not even far from home, there are small and medium-sized companies that quietly shine on the French market. This is the case of Jacob Services, based in Montceau-les-Mines since 2004, Le Creusot (2013) and Paray-le-Monial (2021), number 1 in sales of car parts in Saône-et-Loire, chosen distributor of the year 2021 in January 2022 and which, this beautiful summer, has just joined the top 100 leading companies in the French PR market (spare parts) according to Zepros, one of the two main specialized press organs.

For the first time in its young existence, the company appears in 99th place, ahead of the heavyweights in the industry. “We are just a small independent local business. Ahead of us, at the top of the ranking, we find storage platforms, some of which weigh €200m in revenue. In pure sales, we are among the top 80,” sums up Yanis Jacob.

With sales of €4.3 million in 2021, the Montcellian boss still has good news for dessert, “we are in 5th place out of 50 in the best sales progression with + 30%”. A nice boost!

Responsiveness and flexibility to stand out

“It’s good to be in the top 100. This ranking highlights the company’s 23 employees,” says Yanis Jacob. “That makes us proud and, above all, a great human achievement,” he emphasizes. It’s all the more deserved, even exhilarating, given that in this spare parts environment the competition is fierce, especially with websites. But the fashionable Jacob service makes all the difference and the company doesn’t keep the two hoops on the same path. “We are diversifying our activities with trucks, which are developing mainly in the industrial sector,” specifies the boss. In this area, Jacob Services offers the responsiveness and flexibility of an SME. Companies order in the morning (before 11 a.m.), delivery is in the afternoon, and the part arrives by 6 p.m. the next morning. Therefore, in the area, for example, Novium, Orion, Metalliance, call the Mecateam cluster Jacob Services. Always offer more and better. In addition, in Le Creusot, we will “relocate to increase our area from 400 m2 to 900 m2,” says Yanis Jacob.

Always looking for customer satisfaction, Jacob Services is part of the Alliance Automotive Group network, one of the main players in the independent distribution of parts and accessories for the car and truck repair market (1.2 billion euros in France), MP Truck or Precisium Network.

In short, at Jacob Services you can order your vehicle in spare parts. “Also, we also offer used parts, the original part called Bach 2 Car, which is the leading recycling network. Because although 70% of our clients are professionals, individuals represent 30%,” notes Yanis Jacob.

The summer therefore shines at Jacob Services, which, despite the _ well-deserved _ laurels, continues to improve its economic and human potential. Because the compatibility of both offers guarantees of success that others do not have.

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