Fuels: Diesel and petrol prices continue to fall

Fuel prices fell again last week in France, with a fall of 3.9 eurocents for diesel and 1.4 eurocents for SP95-E10, falling below the 1.80 euros per liter.

In France, the fall in fuel prices continues. Last week, diesel lost another 3.9 cents, bringing it to an average price of €1.8393 per liter, according to the latest statement from the Ministry of Ecological Transition on Friday August 5.

For petrol, the decline is more timid, with unleaded 95-E10 down 1.4 cents. But thanks to this small drop, petrol in France is displayed at an average of 1.7941 euros per liter.

Gasoline returns to late April levels

Gasoline fell below the symbolic threshold of 1.8 euros per liter for the first time since the end of April. The diesel, for its part, is back at its level at the end of May.

fall in the price of oil

Since the last high on June 17 with 2.1345 euros per liter, the diesel has lost 29.52 cents.

For gasoline, the drop is even greater. The SP95-E10 was displayed on June 10 at an average of 2,096 euros per liter, a drop of 30.19 cents if we compare the average price displayed last Friday.

The main explanation for this drop in prices at the pump: the drop in oil prices. A barrel of Brent from the North Sea lost another $3.5 last week to $104.8. On Monday, it was showing at an even lower level of $93.6. Same trend for US barrel WTI at $87.5 versus $96 a week ago.

A very volatile market

However, this good news comes in a market with high volatility, making it impossible to make a long-term forecast for a sustained drop in prices at the pump. The financial analyst at Kpler Alexandre Andlauer, for example, calculated on BFM Business last week that the price of oil could soon rise again, with a barrel at over 120 dollars at the end of the year. Enough to bring fuel prices back to historically high levels.

In order to limit the impact on the French fuel budget, the government will do so There is a discount of 30 cents per liter Fuel in September that will succeed the discount of 18 cents valid since 1.4.

The discount is still 30 cents in October, but is expected to drop to 10 cents in November and December.

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