E-Bikes: From August 15, the purchase bonus doubled

From August 15, new funding conditions for the eco bonus when buying an electric bike will apply. Premiums that benefit all households and all transport.

In order to promote the development of soft mobility, the state launched a purchase aid for electric bicycles two years ago. In view of rising fuel prices and the energy crisis in general, this subsidy has been revised upwards thanks to a recently adopted amendment. From August 15, every household will receive a subsidy of EUR 300 for the purchase of an electric bicycle instead of EUR 200. For the most modest households, this subsidy even doubles to 400 euros.

Another point drastically changes access to this bonus: whereas previously similar support from a municipality was required in order to benefit from it, the government bonus is now available to absolutely all households with no strings attached.

Beyond e-bikes and for all household members

The advantage of these new allocation rules is that they no longer only apply to e-bikes. First of all, even the most modest households can get this buying aid when buying a classic bicycle. It is then €150.

Then the bonus also applies to more special products such as cargo bikes or folding bikes. Previously 1,000 euros, the subsidy for an e-cargo bike has now risen to 2,000 euros, provided it does not exceed 40% of the purchase value. Folding bikes integrate the device and are supported with a €1000 bonus.

Finally, this new regulation also affects the doubled conversion premium, still with an eye on ecology. By getting rid of an old car, it is then possible to get €3000 to buy new electric bikes. Note that the recovery conditions are different depending on whether the vehicle is diesel or petrol, see the state website for more details. Another important change is that from now on this bonus is no longer limited to one per household, but is available to every household member. This financial boost could enable everyone to start the school year in a sportier way.

On the website of you will find all the information you need to buy an electric bike Digitalhere.

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