Perpignan: for André Joffre: “The price of electricity should double next year”

André Joffre, boss of Tecsol in Perpignan, which has been specializing in renewable energy for 40 years, believes that the price per KW/hour will continue to rise. Supporting Arguments.

It is obvious to every household that the cost of energy in general and electricity in particular is high. It’s not over for André Joffre. “We have observed an acceleration of the phenomenon in recent monthshe assures. We had planned it, but what was planned for 15 years happened in just under two years. After the lockdown, consumption of durable goods overheated the economy. The industries used in construction and all activities have consumed more and more energy. So the prices of oil, gas and electricity started to rise.”

France is (temporarily) protected from this spike in electricity costs thanks to its nuclear power plants (70% of domestic consumption). But not only. Currently the price for Kw/h in the international market, connecting all European countries, is 50 cents, peaking at 65 cents last July. Two years ago the same Kw/h was 4 cents. “And here we can say that solar today brings money to the state, demonstrates André Joffre. EDF buys the electricity generated by individuals with their solar panels for 6 cents but resells it on the market for 50 cents. In total, all renewable energies will bring the state 20 billion euros this year. This enabled a kitty, a tariff protection, to be created that prevented an increase in the electricity price for French consumers. But it won’t last. Soon we will have to pay the true market price for electricity, around 40 cents, the price varies every day, but it is in this range, instead of 20 cents today. In short, for everyone, the EDF bill will double…”

Solar, self-consumption, the solution

For the head of the valuation company, self-consumption is one of the solutions to avoid fully bearing this increase. “Just an example, he continues today with the associated heat waves, Air conditioning systems are becoming more and more necessary. It consumes electricity. Solar panels can deliver it live. To demonstrate this, we have also installed a space cooling system in our offices, powered by 20KW panels on the roof of the building. It is a track that will interest companies, offices and, increasingly, individuals.” Experts estimate the investment for a single-family house at around 10,000 euros. Payback: less than 5 years if the average price was 40 cents. “Whatever happens, the renewable energy boss still insists A reversal is not conceivable either in the face of consumer pressure or cheap electricity. The price of electricity will no longer fall. It’s been written, and while we didn’t expect it to happen so quickly, it’s here.”

Renewable energies: wind power in the face of the demise of the Tramontane

Among renewable energies, we must not forget wind power, which is also competitive, especially in winter during the windiest episodes. The observed decrease in wind frequency during part of the year is problematic. Wind power is naturally subject to climatic fluctuations and changing wind periods. Investors working in the field of wind power in our region pay a lot of attention to the phenomenon of depletion of tramontane deposits. Certainty is required for amortizations that extend over more than 40 years. With wind turbines, no wind, no current. Luckily the sun is still shining.

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