This plumber’s ingenious invention saves about 9 liters of drinking water with every flush

Saving drinking water is becoming a necessity to avoid astronomical bills but also for the good of the planet. Lives in Melun, urban prefecture of Seine-et-Marne Sidi Drici, owner of the sanitary company DSM. And this professional, who could easily be described as a big-hearted plumber, just invented a system to recycle water from the shower to the toilets. Sidi Drici comes from the northern parts of Melun, these large blocks of buildings and their many social housing units, where the precarious situation of the residents is firmly anchored. An invention that could radically change the situation in drinking water consumption. Discovery!

What is this invention?

In an interview with the local newspaper La République de Seine-et-Marne, Sidi declares that he is unacceptable to waste 9 liters of drinking water every time you flush the toilet. That is the equivalent of a pack of 6 bottles of water which goes down the drain every time you go to the toilet! He explains that he wanted to counteract this waste by inventing a system consisting of a water collector from 50 to 1500 liters. The shower water is filtered and then sent to the recuperator, which diverts the shower water to flush the toilet. That explains the plumber from Melunean installation costs between 600 and 1000€ depending on the apartment, but that it pays for itself very quickly thanks to the water saved directly.

Save 9 liters of drinking water per flush (equivalent to a water bag)
Save 9 liters of drinking water per flush (equivalent to a water bag). Image copyright: Sidi Drici (left) / Illustrative photo not contractual. Photo credit: Shutterstock (right)

A patent for this invention?

Sidi Drici worked on this invention for two years. to be known and recognized he sent 38 letters to the Elysée, remained unanswered. To be heard, he made a video showcasing his invention and challenging President Macron. In just a few days, thanks to the power of his network, the video was shared 50,000 times and received more than 18 million views. Internet users are seduced by this “self-service” invention. In the Melun region he has several hundred tanks already installed, and customers confirm their immediate water savings. When Sidi is asked why he doesn’t patent his invention, he replies: “If I patent this innovation, it’s like the sun is paying.” He adds that his invention will allow many households to waste less water and will give jobs to all plumbers in France. When he is received at the Elysée, usually in a few weeks, he wants a law mandating the installation of his invention in all new houses. Since that thunderous video Sidi is contacted by many major media outlets and from distant countries such as Australia or Canada. A great achievement for this plumber who doesn’t seem to count his time or money!

Why not patent your invention?

If we know a little Sidi, and this is our case, we are not even surprised that he does not want to patent his invention and benefit from it. In and around Melun Sidi Drici is a local figure of Solidarity, mutual help and giving to others. President of the Association Drici Sidi Melun Capital of Solidarity, he gives all his time and a lot of energy with Mounia and her teams to all those who are in need. He doesn’t hesitate to bring 36 tons of food for a collection in favor of Ukraine or to push the song with some Melun homeless people. We understand why this big-hearted plumber is offering his invention to anyone who wants to save drinking water! For once, let’s end with a little personal message: Sidi and Mounia, you are the guardian angels of our region, thank you for everything you do and for the happiness you bring around you!

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