BYD Seal, the Chinese electric sedan that could arrive in France in 2023

Build Your Dreams (BYD) has meticulously prepared its coup. First the Paris Motor Show 2022, then the arrival in Europe. The Chinese group has developed into an industrial monster in less than thirty years. Like other Chinese companies that saw the national economy boom in the 2000s, but the specialist in energy storage, buses, forklifts, solar panels and even electric bicycles (a portfolio activity that always revolves around lithium, near or far) started his automotive adventure in 2003. The same year… as Tesla was founded. . The “Auto” subsidiary of BYD is therefore carefully preparing its entry into Europe. But this is done through the back door, in just two markets and by a local importer. However, France should be on the agenda in the very short term.

Finally a BYD electric sedan known

On board the BYD seal
On board the BYD seal© Byd

BYD will initially only market the seal in Germany and Sweden. The Chinese company has selected a third party to establish itself in Europe, in this case the Swedish car distribution specialist Hedin Mobility Group (230 dealers in Europe, more than 120,000 registrations in 2021). One of the largest “car dealers” in Europe, which will perfectly respond to the needs of BYD, which will offer its electric sedan with finally known characteristics.

With the electric vehicle, it’s the big comeback of lower cars and especially sedans. It must be said that this bodywork favors autonomy (lower, longer, often smaller frontal area) over SUVs. After the Tesla Model 3, after the Hyundai Ioniq 6 and the BMW i4, so here is a new offer in this area. And like an MG4 Electric, that BYD seal could hurt when it arrives in Europe with hyper-aggressive prices…if they’re known. Selling between €32,000 and €43,000 depending on the version, it hurts the Model 3. The admission ticket for the American is more expensive than the top class for the Chinese!

The BYD seal is now starting its career in China. It offers class-leading performance: the 204hp or 313hp drive variants inherit a 61.4kWh battery for the less powerful, and 82.5kWh for the second, while the more expensive 4WD Seal has 530hp (82.5kWh) develops battery). The autonomies vary from 550 to 700 km, but be careful: these are data from the Chinese CLTC cycle, very unrealistic.

it prevents With a price of around €45,000 for the performance version with over 500 hp, this BYD Seal will be unrivaled when it arrives in Europe. And in France, where the launch could take place in 2023.

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