Metz. Intermarché de Vallières: The shop closes mainly because of its inconspicuous location

A small car pulls up in front of the closed doors in the deserted parking lot of the Intermarché de Vallière department store. “Oh, closed? For real ? Forever ? “. The young woman, who doesn’t seem to believe it, came with her mother to take advantage of the liquidation of the shares at the Intermarché de Vallières. “I was told that they are selling everything on offer,” she explains before leaving. “We” are the neighbors The store hasn’t officially gotten in touch, but rumors of an impending closure have been circulating in the neighborhood for a few weeks.

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A long story

A supermarket that closes is pretty rare. This one had a history in this neighborhood at the end of town, between Bellecroix, Vallières, Borny. The first version of the Mousquetaires store was inaugurated in 1979 on the other side of rue Metman. In 2004, the brand moved to the country below. The street rehabilitation work took so long that some shops closed the curtain. Other supermarkets have mushroomed in the industry, including discount brands that are responding to consumer demand and working on their appeal.

“We never gave up, but at some point you have to accept that you can’t go any further,” we explain to the management.

Twenty employees on the floor

Twenty people, many of them women, worked in this shop in Vallières. The management speaks of “a well-established team that was excellent to the end”. The team wrote in a message: “We would like to pay tribute to our customers for this shared adventure and for the kind messages that have touched us over the last few weeks. We regret leaving them and thank them for their loyalty.”

The follow-up and consequences of this closure will be addressed in the Business Law Protocol. The land and the building belong to the Musketeer Group. What becomes of them remains to be seen.

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