Mercedes EQS (2022): The high-end electric SUV really isn’t cheap

The largest electric SUV from Mercedes is ordered in the French network. For now, it will only be offered in the 450 4Matic version and in an AMG Line finish.

Mercedes runs its electrics at full speed. Whether in the compact class (EQA, EQB) or in the luxury class, the brand with the star quickly dispenses with batteries and electric motors, sometimes with completely new models. That was already the case with the EQS, which is not an electric S-Class but a completely independent model. And this applies all the more to the EQS SUV, a model that currently has no equal, halfway between the GLE and GLS.. A big baby, closer to the second than the first, weighing more than 5.10 meters and 2.6 tons. A monster that evolves silently and whose prices we finally know. Or rather “the” price.

The price of the Mercedes EQS SUV

The Hyperscreen is an expensive option at over €8000
The Hyperscreen is an expensive option at over €8000©Mercedes

142,900 euros for the unique EQS 450 4Matic AMG Line version available at startup. It’s dirty ! The platform-same EQS sedan is 8,000 euros cheaper with the same engine. And the EQS SUV’s options list is as long as a day without bread. If you add the 22-inch AMG multi-spoke wheels, the hyperscreen and two or three other goodies, you get over 10,000 euros. The Hyperscreen alone costs 8,700 euros. Otherwise, you can opt for the “AMG Line Business Class” package at a price of 20,650 euros. Fortunately, the Hyperscreen is included.

The competition among large electric SUVs is starting to get tougher. The Audi e-tron quattro is a little short (4.90 metres) and boxing in a slightly lower category, but if we’re obviously picky about that range. The most serious competitor is none other than the significantly cheaper BMW iX. The iX M60 starts at €136,500 with equivalent if not better range and performance to those of the EQS 450 4Matic, which combines two motors for a total of 360 hp and a battery of 107.8 kWh net. The Tesla Model X, which has just been added to the catalog of the American brand, also beats the SUV EQS with a base price of 141,990 euros. but with more than 1000 hp and about 520 km of autonomy. At this rate, the best equipped models of the EQS SUV will reach new heights. More expensive than the competition, even if it is always difficult to compare all these models given the brand-specific equipment differences.

Published on 09.08.2022 updated 09.08.2022

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