MG4 Electric: the electric compact at the price of a used Renault Zoe…

Although we don’t yet know the exact prices, the simple fact is that a compact electric sedan measuring 4.28 meters in length (2 cm longer than a Volkswagen ID.3, 7 cm longer than a Renault Mégane E-Tech) for less than Seeing €30,000 excluding bonuses is a feat in 2022. At a time when the raw material costs for a lithium battery are skyrocketing and manufacturers keep telling us that we have to get used to rising prices, MG is using its membership in the Chinese group SAIC (the largest Chinese supplier of electric cars) to to launch an accessible and potentially family-friendly electric car. All this must of course be checked during the tests, but the MG4 Electric offers what a Tesla never did: a sub-€30,000 C-segment car, with enough battery in the ground to cover more than 300 km in real conditions. Again, the passage of the MG4 Electric to our test bed will allow us to validate the range, but with 350 km in the WLTP cycle, with such a value in real life we ​​do not take too many risks.

No competition for the MG4 Electric?

Without a precise measurement of the space available on board and the trunk, it is still impossible for us to clearly classify this MG4 Electric. But if we rely on its external measurements, it seems closer to the compact than the versatile city runabout. It is also sold that way. Competitors on paper are the Volkswagen ID.3 (and Cupra Born, by the way), Renault Mégane E-Tech or even Citroën E-C4, even if the latter is 8 cm longer than the MG4 Electric.

Overall, the battery capacity of these cars is around 50 to 60 kWh. Slightly more for the Volkswagen ID.3, which benefits from a 77kWh battery, but it’s a unique case in a cheaper segment in this range. LAn MG4 Electric therefore comes with no surprises with its two battery options of 51 and 64 kWh. In terms of power, too, the status quo is: between 170 and 200 hp for most of these models, although some are slightly above (or below for the Citroën e-C4).

One essential criterion remains: the price. Let’s take a look at the competitors’ prices, which already give an idea of ​​the range and overall budgets.

  • Volkswagen ID.3: from €44,990 (58 kWh)
  • Citroën e-C4: from €39,600 (50 kWh)
  • Renault Mégane E-Tech: from €37,200 (40 kWh)
  • MG4 Electric: less than €30,000 (51 kWh)

As the first examples of the MG4 are not scheduled to arrive before early 2023, the bonus is reduced: €5000. Customers who opt for the basic model comes ready to use for less than 25,000 euros. The price of a recently used Renault Zoe.

51 kWh and 4.28 meters, a size that puts it ahead of the rare electric compacts on the market
51 kWh and 4.28 meters, a size that puts it ahead of the rare electric compacts on the market©MG

As a reminder, we don’t yet know the real autonomy of the MG4, unlike its competitors, all of which have gone through our testing protocol. Still, the Chinese is well on the way to hurting the competition, particularly a Citroën e-C4, which will have a hard time justifying its €10,000 difference and its 34 hp less. However, two obstacles must be overcome for the MG4 Electric: the total lack of a brand image and the disparity of the distribution network, especially in the face of Renault, Citroën or Volkswagen, which are ubiquitous in the field. The still unknown discount of these China products also remains problematic, but since more and more drivers are opting for leasing (precisely in order not to have to manage the resale), the discount will be known from the outset and will be included in the monthly installments.

Compare the real autonomy of the best electric cars according to our standardized measurement cycle. Battery capacity, consumption, autonomy, we tell you everything!

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