Summer Series – How is Tesla doing?

Between the usual announcing effects of its charismatic CEO Elon Musk and the unstoppable development of the emblematic brand of electric cars, Tesla is also a special case in the automotive sector. But the American brand, like the others, suffers from the problems of semiconductor supply and we know how full their models are! The Berlin plant has been running since the beginning of the year to supply the European Model Y performance models until the production of battery cells and the implementation of their recycling are due. However, delivery times remain an issue, particularly for the entry-level Model 3, which is expected on the horizon…2023 for an order today.

The European market has fallen by 14% in the first half of 2022, but not for electric models (a third more) and Tesla is of course taking its share of the pie, for example with a first place in all categories on the sales podium in Greater Europe (27 countries) in March for the Model 3!

In France, in a market downturn of 16% in the first half of the year, Tesla suffered a fall of only 10.5% with 11,741 registrations at the end of June 2022, which allows it to place itself between brands such as DS and Mini, but obviously with a 100% electric Offer. Electric car registrations in France rose 28% in the first half, which of course benefited Tesla.

The Model 3 remains the American brand's bestseller as it is the most affordable of the range but is already the first car suitable for family use.
The Model 3 remains the American brand’s bestseller as it is the most affordable of the range but is already the first car suitable for family use.

European offerings are initially limited to the Model 3 and Model Y pending the import of the revised and corrected Model S and Y, which already exist in the US. The big S sedan is also celebrating 10 years of good and loyal service, so it’s time to take care of its case… Prices of the range are steadily increasing and you can now expect at least 53,490 euros for a model 3.

The Cybertruck is slowly heralding its arrival in the US over the next year and, to be honest, we don’t see it on our roads. As for a possible entry-level Tesla Model 2 with a more urban size, here’s a lot more sensible, a puzzle and a gumball. But don’t count on it right now. Especially since the manufacturer wants to exceed the one million unit mark with the current range and we are talking about 2.5 million units by 2025, i.e. the production of manufacturers like the BMW Group.

In France, the brand’s vehicle distribution network now includes 21 Tesla centers, with a network allowing for more local development. By the end of the year, a future giant center is also scheduled to open its doors to the east of Paris.

Tesla is also a unique case with its own network of charging stations, the famous Superchargers, the 800th of which opened in Europe just in June near Avignon, with 28 charging points and a maximum power of 250 kW. In France, for example, Tesla offers more than 100 charging stations and more than 1,000 charging points. Finally, in France, in the test phase, 18 stations are available for vehicles from other brands for around 10 cents/kWh in addition to the €0.46/kWh for Tesla customers.

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