Celsius Boss Discreetly Attempts To Exfiltrate His CEL (And Fails)

Caught between the gavel of the legal authorities and the anvil of the victim community, the remains of the Celsius company are watched with interest by many onlookers. Apparently insufficient pressure to stop its famous CEO Alex Mashinsky from trying to liquidate some unseen and unknown CELs. Spoilers: The very existence of this article shows that this attempt failed miserably.

An initiative that CEL does not lack

The movement was first noticed on TWIbetter and reported by Coindesk. And they’re typically the kind of small accounting manipulations that tend to discredit an entire meandering file and are likely to be talked about for years to come.

This file is obviously that of Celsius’s brutal and sudden bankruptcy. A bust even after the general failure of the LUNA ecosystem.

And if this 3-act drama, which ended with the company being placed under the protection of the Bankruptcy Court of New York, left the community in advanced astonishment, the management team seems to have quickly regained their sanity and business sense. This is evidenced, for example, by the micro-scandal a few days ago, in which Celsius’ CFO was reinstated at a staggering cost of… $93,000 a month, you read that right. The thousands of victims who lost access to their funds on the platform overnight will rejoice in the good use.

Fresh illustration of the apparent disconnect (and latent sense of impunity) of the leaders of Celsius, he’s the big boss now even Alex Mashinsky caught hand in hand in the decentralized jam jar filtering out fresh currency.

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pocket money

It is reminded that since the withdrawals on the Celsius platform were closed, all operations should be frozen against the background of the liquidation procedure.

We also know fairly well what Mashinsky thinks about his own company’s tokens, especially since a recent study by Arkham Intelligence showed that he was a major holder (and had sold for $44 million in the past few years, think about it). except the next time a project asks you to “strong” and “diamond hands”).

At the stage of the proceedings and a few days before a court date, there is probably nothing preventing Alex Mashinsky from disposing of his tokens as he sees fit. However, the consensus is that the captain of a ship taking on water from all sides is more likely to stay at the helm than quietly monopolize the few remaining lifebuoys.

And it is precisely from this angle that the movements this weekend have identified a challenge in the addresses of the Celsius CEO. In fact, Mashinsky (or whoever is in control of the wallet) has sold CEL tokens multiple times since Saturday. There are transactions that swap 17,475 CEL for $28,242 worth of Ether (ETH) on decentralized exchange UniSwap. These are the first moves since late May and the industrial disaster that hit the company.

When the magic of blockchain makes the smallest movement of assets obvious and impossible to hide (an oh-so-strategic issue for the US Treasury, which is now showing its fangs), the network remains silent on the rationale behind a move or a move Withdrawal. . Therefore, the head of Celsius is now given the floor to explain to his community the reasons for this attempt at exfiltration, which is as discreet as it is inappropriate.

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