M-Studio by Momoco: This off-grid, fully equipped container home costs less than 15,600 euros

Container houses are a hit all over the world and today you can find them in all sizes and colours… Built with one, two or twelve containers, they have the enormous advantage of being modular, build up quickly and less expensive than traditional homes. Thailand has had a designer and builder like few since 2017: Momoco, designing off-grid container homes of all sizes and styles. And just take a look at the M Studio model to understand the success of this Thai manufacturer. The M-Studio is one of the most complete container houses, but also the simplest at a very attractive price. Discovery!

The M-Studio seen from the outside…

This small container house costs only $15,900 and has all the necessary comforts. From the outside you can see the structure of the container, which was only repainted here in beige. But it is perfectly insulated from the outside thanks to sliding PVC doors that guarantee the warmth inside. Added to this are the large windows that reach from the floor to the ceiling let in natural light. On the insulation side, the builders decided to go all out with insulation panels in the walls and ceiling.

The bedroom of the container house
The bedroom of the container house. Photo credit: Momoco

And inside, is it nice too?

Small Momoco houses are delivered turnkey but it is possible to customize them to make them independent for example… So by buying these houses the owner will not have to carry out any additional work. The bathroom, for example, is equipped with a walk-in shower, a glass partition, a toilet and a vanity accessible through an internal sliding door. The kitchen is equipped with storage space, refrigerator and stove. In the main room there is a double bed, which is under a huge bookshelf and surrounded by two huge glass walls.

The detailed characteristics of the Momoco

  • Outer facade: Class A container with high-quality paintwork, abrasion-resistant and standard-compliant, UV-resistant and extremely durable.
  • Windows, sliding doors: UPVC (black or white frame, 6mm glass, door handles)
  • Insulation: standard with EPS insulation boards, R24 in the walls, R38.9 in the ceiling.
  • Interior walls/ceiling: Primed and painted in the color of your choice.
  • Bathroom: walk-in shower with glass wall, toilet, sink, interior sliding door.
  • Kitchen: Kitchen cabinets with wooden or granite countertops, shelves, sink with faucet, hob.
  • Bedroom: 3.5 foot bed with mattress, laminated interior sliding doors, wardrobe.
  • Flooring: vinyl floor tiles.
  • Plumbing: Electric water heater, drain and supply lines for all appliances and appliances.
  • Electricity: 200Amp switchboard, LED ceiling lights and sockets in accordance with current building regulations.
  • Options: fridge/freezer, dishwasher, microwave, oven, air conditioning for cooling and heating, exterior LED lighting, 5-foot bed, luxury hardwood floor, SOLAR panel set.
  • Price: $15,900.
Container house floor plan
Container house floor plan. Photo credit: Momoco

More information: momoco.asia

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