[VIDEO] Real estate loan: How much can you borrow from the bank with a salary of 2,000 euros?

Would you like to access the property but are wondering if this is possible with your income? If yes, how much can you claim on a salary of 2,000 euros a month? Lighting.

Before you start buying real estate, there are a few questions you should ask yourself, including: How much can I borrow with my salary? To answer the latter, nothing better than turning to your banker or a broker. Here are a few answers.

What you can borrow with 2,000 euros a month

Mr. Houtrique, banker at Crédit Mutuel Opéra in Montpellier, gives us some details. He explains that creditworthiness varies with age and the borrower because of borrower insurance. actually uA borrower approaching retirement age has less borrowing capacity than a young person starting out because of the cost of borrower insurance.

Nevertheless, with a salary of €2,000, the monthly loan installment should not exceed €700, which would result in a creditworthiness of around €155,000 over 25 years.

This study can be supplemented with other loans (€20,000 loan at 0 interest rate for first-time buyers, 1% employer loan, loan at 0 interest rate for new purchases).

Another important element: a bring is asked to finance the additional costs (notary fees, guarantees, files), which corresponds to approx. 10% of the property sum.

Maël Bernier, spokesman for Meilleurtaux, gave some advice to our colleagues in June MoneyVox : “In this era of rapidly rising interest rates, my number one piece of advice is to be cautious. If you go to your bank or an agent you will get a financing envelope, but it is better to look a little further down for properties because what we offer you at the beginning of June is no longer valid in August. So I advise you to remove 10,000 euros from your envelope to prepare for eventualities.”

Ever more demanding bankers?

Raising interest rates for the first time since 2011 in response to runaway inflation this Thursday, July 21, the European Central Bank confirmed the end of a long period of easy money. Historically low averaging 1.06% last December, Since then the prices have been rising.. Depending on the bank, they have risen by 0.4 to 0.7% over the course of a six-month period, and the trend is rising.

The result: more difficult access to credit for private individuals. A clearer finding in the former Languedoc-Roussillon, where purchasing power is low, where Property prices remain high and properties for sale are scarce. Montpellier and Sète follow on the list of the most attractive cities, shortly after Narbonne, then Nîmes and finally Béziers, Carcasonne and Perpignan.

“Bankers continue to lend, but they are becoming more demanding of profiles,” Laurence Deschatrette, a broker who has been active in the Montpellier market for 15 years, told us at the end of July. We’re starting to get rejections, mostly because of investor profiles or because of insurance issues for the elderly. Even 40-45 year olds who don’t have health problems and have good records face usury problems.”

Note: To carry out a mortgage loan simulation, all you have to do is enter the information about your situation and the amount of loan you want to take out in the various simulators available online, such as: B. that of Banque Postale or Crédit Agricole. .

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