Restaurant cards: The daily shopping limit will be increased from the start of the school year

Meal vouchers are a perk much appreciated by employees who can benefit from them. New changes in the rules of use are coming. They are very positive as they help users to use them more often. This goes back to a measure taken as part of the so-called “Purchasing Power Act” passed in early August 2022. In fact, the government has planned various measures to try to improve the purchasing power of the French. During the health crisis, a reassessment of the daily limit on the use of restaurant cards was decided. Instead of 19 euros, up to 38 euros per day could be paid with these vouchers. This should support both consumers and restaurateurs. By July, however, the cap had returned to normal. The CNTR (Commission Nationale des Titres-Restaurant) recommended a ceiling of 29 euros.

The upper limit is raised from €19 to €25 at the beginning of the school year

According to Ouest-France, the restaurant cards finally see their maximum usage at 25 euros per day. Without meeting CNTR’s requirement, this is already a favorable development for users. From the beginning of the school year it is therefore possible to pay a larger amount with your restaurant cards. In addition, you can combine payment by credit card and meal vouchers. The card will only be debited if your payment receipts do not cover the entire cost. Another important change, restrictions on use in supermarkets will be relaxed. Until then, restaurant cards could only be accepted for the purchase of ready-to-eat food. Sandwiches, salads and other ready meals were among the permitted products. This will also change from September. From then on you can pay for every grocery purchase in the supermarket. This includes uncooked foods.

So, restaurant tickets can be used to buy pasta, rice, vegetables, fruit, meat and any other product to be cooked. So the law aims to give employees a little more support for their purchasing power. This will be a little profitable for restaurateurs. However, the increase in the daily usage cap should benefit everyone. This measure is to apply until the end of 2023. Otherwise, the regulations on the use of meal vouchers at the weekend remain unchanged. If you work regularly on these days, your employer must require the use of restaurant cards. It is to be hoped that these changes will really help users as inflation is far from coming down. The other measures of the Purchasing Power Act should also come into force at the beginning of the school year. We will then be able to know if their effectiveness is proven or not.

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