The Mercedes-AMG One finally goes into production

There will only be 275 and they are all already sold. The exclusive hypercar Mercedes-AMG One therefore remains just a sweet dream for the readers of this article at 2.7 million euros.

We’ve already had the pleasure of discovering it exclusively on the sidelines of our test of the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S e-Performance. And we then presented it to you in a very detailed article, which we of course invite you to read.

But today, that’s it, it’s the big day, small series production of the first 100% definitive specimens begins. On British soil. Yes, not in Germany, for the simple and good reason that, for example, the powertrain comes from Brixworth in Northamptonshire, right where the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 blocks are produced. And final assembly takes place in the workshops of AMG Multimatic’s partner in Coventry, which has set up its own small-series production unit.

The Mercedes-AMG One finally goes into production

This superlative car that we remind you of is inspired by and uses components and techniques from F1, including its 1.6 liter V6 hybrid engine plus 4 electric motors that develop a total of 1,063 hp, is entirely hand-built on 16 production steps and 16 “assembly and test stations”.

The Mercedes-AMG One finally goes into production

Many sub-assemblies are assembled from scratch before being disassembled and finally reassembled on the car. This applies, for example, to the carbon monocoque structure and all bodywork attachments. Everything is resized by hand if necessary. Even the painting is done by hand.

Then the body-in-white and the powertrain are assembled. The latter was previously tested in Brixworth’s workshops.

Sixteen production steps

The Mercedes-AMG One finally goes into production
The Mercedes-AMG One finally goes into production

Here is an overview of the 16 production steps:

  • Stations 1 to 4: Assembly of mechanical parts and all low-voltage components as well as installation of essential drive train components including vehicle electrics.
  • Stations 5 and 6: assembly of the high-voltage battery and high-voltage connections, thermal and electromotive operational tests and tests.
  • Station 7: Interior fittings.
  • Station 8: Beginning of assembly of outer body panels, doors and side panels. The pre-assembled body panels, front hood, rear hood, side panels and doors, enter the main assembly line from sub-assembly. The special challenge here lies in the sometimes very different wishes of the customers.
  • Pos. 9: Continuation of the external assembly of the front and rear covers.
  • Item 10: Final assembly of the outer body.
  • Station 11: Assembly of wheels and floor plates.
  • Pos. 12: Wheel and headlight adjustment.
  • Station 13: Roller dynamometer to test the vehicle in all driving modes.
  • Station 14: Four-station NVH test (noise, vibration, jerk), fine-tuning if necessary.
  • Station 15: Monsoon rain tightness test.
  • Station 16: light booth with visual inspection of all surfaces and technical function tests of all components.
The Mercedes-AMG One finally goes into production

In total, almost fifty people will have worked on the production of a copy of the One, in an almost artisan way, as one can see at Bugatti producing a Chiron or, before that, a Veyron.

The final stage consists of a rolling test session by a tester from the factory for final validation. Each example is then transported in a closed truck to Germany to Affalterbach, the headquarters of AMG, in order to be delivered to the end customer after technical instruction on the vehicle.

I know 275 of them who now have to stamp their feet with impatience.

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