Village Elmen in Luxembourg: soon the first residents of a “unique” place to live


Village of Elmen in LuxembourgSoon the first residents of a “unique” place to live

OLM – The construction of the village of Elmen with 750 housing units and innovative spirit is progressing well. The first of the 2,000 residents are expected shortly after the summer.

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It is THE “major project” that is currently being implemented in terms of affordable housing in Luxembourg. A “pioneer” site, even the National Society for Cheap Housing (SNHBM) suggests. And the future “village” of Elmen in Olm becomes concrete. As a reminder: 375 apartments and just as many single-family houses will eventually house around 2,000 residents on 27 hectares. “A remarkable project that is designed very differently from the way people live in Luxembourg,” explains architect Annick Rock, also CEO of SNHBM. A unique place for “another life”.

“The first village with almost 400 apartments is under construction. In three years (the project was officially launched in July 2018, ed.) we managed to get half of these 400 under construction, that’s a great interim result,” says Guy Entringer, Director of the SNHBM . And he assures him, “The first residents in Elmen will be able to move in at the end of September, beginning of October 2022. That will be an important point in this project.”

© Médiathèque Commune de Kehlen – construction status March 2022

“Almost 200 wooden houses”

This avoids motorized traffic in the streets. Future residents will not park their cars in front of their houses, but in four central parking lots. “The maximum distance between an apartment and a parking space is 250 meters,” explains the SNHBM. In a broader sense, there are also local shops, a school with a relay house, a crèche, a house for all and green spaces. For a project that also wants to be ecological. “In Elmen we are building almost 200 wooden houses, I have not seen that on other construction sites in Luxembourg,” Guy Entringer enthuses.

After the fall, construction of the second of the three planned villages will begin. Apartment marketing is ongoing and is given primarily to the residents (and their families) of Kehlen and Körich. September 2020, Most of them were able to see a model house of more than 100 m2 with a private garden and energy autonomy thanks to photovoltaic panels, exhibited at a price of around 550,000 euros.

© Banana Office Republic / SNHBM

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