Carsule: an innovative tent that attaches to the trunk of cars to transform them into campers

For some, the holidays are over or coming to an end. For others who choose quieter times or want to take advantage of Indian summer, they start in a few days or weeks. And if you’re looking for a small pop-up tent to attach to your car, we suggest you discover or rediscover the Carsule, a delightful retractable cabin that can be installed in the back of your car in minutes. With it, you can stop for a night in front of a randomly discovered landscape and only need a few moments to offer you a comfortable shelter. Discovery!

Karsul what is that?

This little pop-up tent was funded by a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and since its release, users have been raving about its usefulness. its ease of assembly and its comfort to all. It’s only 2 meters high and comes with a UV protective coating in case of prolonged exposure to the sun. With its integrated mosquito net and a waterproof floor covering, you are completely protected from insects and bad weather. This pop-up tent was designed by Mogics, a Nevada-based convenience company that also makes specialty items like universal adapters wireless light balls; Carsule is one of the company’s newest specialty products.

A tent hanging from the back of cars
A tent hanging from the back of cars. Photo credit: Mogics

A few more details…

This pop-up tent is a small lounge that you can add to any car equipped with a tilting tailgate, including minivans, vans, SUVs and station wagons. The solid construction withstands wind and bad weather Guy lines on the ceiling and an anchor strap that stick it perfectly to your car. The small tent is constructed with UV-resistant and waterproof materials, and the space provided is not only designed for sleeping, but also for sleeping.r form a small living room such as eating meals. The structure of the Carsule consists of two metal spring buckles and is formed by four aluminum rods. Once the tent is open and upright in its cube shape, users can anchor it to their vehicle’s trunk door with an adjustable tether.

A great deal at Deals New Atlas!

Currently and for a limited time, the Carsule is priced at $299.99 on Deals New Atlas’ website instead of $379. A saving of $80 that will undoubtedly allow you to enjoy good times during your future bivouacs. You can also guarantee your Carsule for an additional 2 years ($35.99) or 3 years ($49.99).s, with the initial warranty being one year. For this price you buy a black polyester fabric tent. The dimensions are 1.98 meters high, 1.77 meters wide and 1.98 meters long. It can be assembled in five minutes thanks to its pop-up system and has the following elements:

  • Integrated mosquito net;
  • anti-UV coating;
  • Waterproof and robust flooring;
  • tension cords for blankets;
  • anchor strap;
  • magnetic tapes;
  • Easy to connect frame connections;
  • Lightweight mounting poles;
  • screw-in pegs and guy ropes;
  • thick felt mat;
  • Versatile 2-layer screen windows.

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