Disney+ announces 2 very bad news for its subscribers, but France could be spared

news hardware Disney+ announces 2 very bad news for its subscribers, but France could be spared

The SVOD Disney+ platform has just announced that its various prices will increase until the end of 2022. Price increases accompanied by a promotional proposal that is not to everyone’s taste. Not all countries are currently affected.

Everything is going up right now, including prices for streaming video services. If Netflix started revising its prices upwards a few years ago, Amazon Prime Video, for its part, recently announced that its prices will increase from 5.99 euros to 6.99 euros and from 49 euros to 69. 90 euros will rise. Something to annoy userswho do not necessarily feel that their price increases are accompanied by qualitative changes in the catalog of the SVOD platforms concerned.

Disney+ is increasing its prices in the United States

Today, It’s Disney+’s turn to join the dance. The service launched in late 2019 in the US and early 2020 in many European countries has just announced that it is about to make a major change to its fee schedule.

As a matter of fact, Beginning December 8, 2020, US subscribers will have a choice : Either they can continue to enjoy the entire Disney+ catalog for $7.99 per month, but in this case they will have to endure the display of advertisements during their viewing, sor they can opt for a $10.99 per month subscription and dodge the ads entirely.

At the moment we do not yet know how this proposal will affect the annual subscription, which currently costs $ 79.99, but logically Upgrade to $109.99 to avoid hype.

Does the Disney+ catalog justify such a price increase?

Disney+ announces 2 very bad news for its subscribers, but France could be spared

First Netflix, now Disney+: Advertising on SVOD platforms is becoming a reality

The Disney+ announcement only confirms the arrival of a new trend: advertising on streaming video services. And it’s a shame because the lack of ads when watching SVOD programs was until then one of the great advantages of this formula.

The recent announcement of a partnership between Netflix and Microsoft in the development of such a subscription clearly indicated that this proposal would soon end up in users’ daily lives. Disney +, which obviously had a head start, highlights the fact that it will not be necessary to wait until 2023 for such a proposal to launch.

Soon a price increase in France for Disney +?

For now, The Disney+ price increase only affects the US. But nothing says France will be spared for long. The SVOD service has already increased its prices for the first time in France : In March 2022, the monthly subscription increased from 6.99 euros to 8.99 euros, while the annual subscription increased from 69.99 euros to 89.99 euros. A nice upgrade that has been talked about a lot.

It seems difficult to imagine that Disney+ will increase its prices twice in France in the same year.. But in 2023 everything will be possible. Very likely, it will also be possible here to choose between a more expensive formula, but without advertising, and a formula at the same price, but with advertising.

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