Firewood: Scams increase as demand increases

Some scammers use an existing company's contact details to post their fraudulent offers.  (example photo) (webandi/Pixabay)

Some scammers use an existing company’s contact details to post their fraudulent offers. (example photo) (webandi/Pixabay)

While the French are increasingly betting on firewood as a source of energy, several companies on the internet are offering unbeatable prices and delivery times. Distrust, these are scams surfing the growing demand.

Unfortunately, the story is banal: an online order, a validated payment… and no delivery in sight. In view of rising gas and electricity prices, the French have been increasingly turning to firewood as a source of energy in recent months. And the crooks follow, sign up



Scammers disappear after payment

With increasing demand, wood stocks decrease and delivery times become longer. However, there are very attractive offers on the Internet, both in terms of price and in terms of the waiting time to receive the load. But beware, these are obviously scams.

This trend mainly affects private individuals who are attracted by these offers. Unfortunately, once the payment is made on the site, the scammers disappear into the wild without leaving any contact. Only then, without seeing the delivery, do the victims realize that they have been duped.

Beware of too attractive offers

But professionals in the industry are also affected. To better trick their victims, scammers sometimes pose as existing companies. By copying logo and contact details, they post more interesting offers than the real ones on online sales platforms like Leboncoin.

A store manager who sells firewood has received many calls from customers who haven’t received their order…even though he doesn’t sell online, he says

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“I received more than ten calls during the day

he says.

They told me “I paid this sum, you have to extradite me”. »

In order not to be fooled, you must first of all beware of an offer that is too attractive. If the seller asks you to pay by bank transfer or postal order, this should also warn you, as these payment methods are less traceable. Finally, remember to check the company’s legal notices on the website and give preference to well-known brands.

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