Lidl revolutionizes your morning with an ultra-slim espresso machine at a low price!

Lidl always has a new surprise to delight its customers! Brand connoisseurs already know that the stores are real treasure troves. Just stay alert. In fact, the offers are created every week and the stocks are not unlimited. Lidl has proven over the years that it is possible to combine low prices and quality. The German brand obviously didn’t stop at discount groceries and everyday items. At Lidl you can now find everything you need at home. From the kitchen to the bathroom, from the bedroom to the garden, there is enough to equip yourself inexpensively. Designer furniture meets modern and practical household appliances. Lidl has excelled on many occasions, such as with its robot Monsieur Cuisine Plus, which was a real tidal wave. This time coffee fans get their money’s worth!

Lidl offers you the perfect combination for a perfect experience!

Lidl sells the Silvercrest espresso coffee machine. This one has an ultra-sleek retro look that’s sure to be a hit. Its large buttons make it very easy to use. The front temperature display gives the whole thing an extra professional touch. You can choose between delicious, full-bodied or mild coffees. This machine delivers a maximum pressure of 15 bar to get the most out of your coffee. Like a professional machine, it is equipped with a hot water spout that also serves as a nozzle for heating the milk. That should delight cappuccino and latte fans! Lidl has thought of everything with two filters. This allows you to prepare one or two espressos at the same time. The measuring spoon also acts as a tamper. With practice, you’ll know how to apply the exact pressure for the best flavors!

Lidl offers you everything you need for the best coffee!

Lidl also anticipated cleaning this Silvercrest espresso machine. The drip tray and grid are removable for servicing your device. And to top off the experience, you can also gear up to be a true coffee barista. Lidl also sells an electric coffee grinder, ideal for making tastier drinks. Also in the Silvercrest range, the brand also offers you a very practical milk frother. The espresso coffee machine will also delight you with its price. Lidl offers it to you for only 79.99 euros. This price is incredible for this type of device! But beware, this product is only available for 15 weeks in 500 Lidl supermarkets listed online. We’re willing to bet they won’t even last 15 weeks in stock, so don’t wait until you hit the store!

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