Luxembourg: soon an e-wallet for all your ID documents


LuxembourgSoon an e-wallet for all your ID documents

LUXEMBOURG – The digitization of public services is progressing in Luxembourg with the upcoming launch of a digital wallet that can hold your ID card and even your driver’s license.

You will soon be able to deposit your identity card in an “e-wallet”.

You will soon be able to deposit your identity card in an “e-wallet”.

Minister Marc Hansen promises that among the projects in the coalition agreement, great progress will be made in the digitization of the public service, in particular with concrete changes in the everyday lives of residents and cross-border commuters: “New approaches will be integrated into the gate The applications are improved or renewed, for example with notifications”.

New features that will arrive “drop by drop over the weeks and over the coming months” slipped the minister’s way The essential, following a press conference on the matter on Thursday. Among the most notable is the national electronic wallet (e-wallet), which will be launched in the first quarter of next year. This can contain your identity card and driver’s license and save you some trouble if you forget your papers…

Marc Hansen presented the innovations to advance digitization.

Marc Hansen presented the innovations to advance digitization.

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In addition to the increased convenience, the advancing digitization must also make it possible “to make the various administrative procedures more efficient and to accelerate the processing of files”. Marc Hansen specifically mentions the introduction of online tax returns last year. Digital processes should be generalized “to all areas”.

As far as the development of official work is concerned, according to Minister DP “less visible”, there are 400 projects running at state level, always with the aim of “increasing efficiency”. Luxembourg also scores well in this register, the government welcomes the publication of the results of the eGovernment Benchmark 2022, which places the Grand Duchy in an excellent third place out of 35 countries.

“Of course we’re happy to be at this level, but we can’t rest on our laurels. To say that we have reached the end of our tether in this area would be a mistake,” says Marc Hansen, who is determined “to go further”. Funds have been used for this. The budget of the CTIE (State Information Technology Center) and the Ministry of Digitization, currently estimated at 220 million euros, increased by 43% between 2019 and 2022.

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