Toyota Corolla: what price for the new hybrid engines?

The Toyota Corolla presented in August 2018 has just celebrated its 4th anniversary. Logically, then, that the compact hybrid sedan goes through the traditional restyling box. Because it has aged quite well and is still in top form (selling just under a Yaris in the first 6 months of the year and barely losing ground, -5% versus -31% for the city car), the Japanese marque focused not focus on the aesthetic part. On the other hand, mechanically we note the arrival under the hood of the 5th generation of hybrid engines. They are still 2 in number: the 1.8 gains 18 hp and now develops 140 hp, the 2.0 goes from 184 to 196 hp. As we recently saw on the first try, the steering wheel changes are quite delicate. In fact, if we do not yet know the prices of this new vintage and given the context in which manufacturers do not hesitate to increase the prices of their vehicles, we could expect a nice increase for this model. It depends on the statements.

Good and less good

The entry-level Corolla goes from €30,300 to €31,400, an increase of €1,100. Reasonable considering the improvements made and the more than adequate equipment, even at the entry-level: 7 airbags, dual-zone air conditioning, automatic lighting of the headlights or reversing camera. In order to be able to use the new equipment (12.3″ digital instrumentation or 10.5″ touchscreen), you have to upgrade to the second dynamic level, which is also a bit more opulent (16″ rims, chrome in the passenger compartment, steering wheel and leather gear knob ) There the increase is a little clearer, count on 1,300 euros more than before.

For the rest, the range is still divided into the same finish levels: Active and Dynamic, but also Design, GR Sport and Collection. Only minor disappointment, the 196hp 2.0 is only offered in GR Sport, while the one it replaced was also offered with the Design and Collection liveries. In fact, the extra charge is quite salty: more than 37,000 euros when the 184 hp model is advertised from 34,100 euros.

Where it hurts, choose the premium Corolla. The Collection model earns more than €3,000. Admittedly, everything is included at this price: two-tone body, 18-inch rims, head-up display, mixed leather/Alcantara/fabric interior, JBL premium sound system, electric tailgate, etc. But at least almost €38,000 for such a car Model already starts a lot!

All prices for the facelifted Toyota Corolla (August 2022)

engine active Dynamic draft GR sports collection
engine1.8L 140HP active€31,400 Dynamic€32,400 draft€34,000 GR sports€35,200 collection€37,750
engine2.0L 196HP active/ Dynamic/ draft/ GR sports€37,200 collection/

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