Toulouse: You offer second-hand luxury items at “reduced prices”.

Ormain offers dozens of luxury products for men and women at reduced prices in Toulouse.
Ormain offers dozens of luxury products for men and women at reduced prices in Toulouse. (©Ormain)

Of second hand and ” Reduced prices “ for some luxury goods. This is the concept developed by three young people from Toulouse: Romain Gea, Brayan Taoui and Alisea Jacob. An adventure that started about a year ago before really taking off in March 2022.

“Our goal is to dust off the second-hand image, break away from that second-hand side and offer luxury second-hand products with a quality support service,” explains Romain, co-founder of Ormain.

Often new products

Based on toulouse and Biarritz, the young team makes it their business to win back exceptional products “most of which have never been worn”. Simple whim or gift given, the items sold on Ormain are mostly new.

“We sort. No question of regaining anything and everything. We prefer current products that will be part of a trendy catalogue. »

Romain GeaCo-founder of Ormain

A personalized follow-up

Far from being comparable to online sales sites like Vinted or Leboncoin, Ormain offers expertise to physically authenticate products and offer them on its platform. “It is not a platform between individuals. We collect the items we have analyzed before sending them to the buyer in less than 48 hours,” Toulousain specifies.

All transactions and shipments are insured for the value of the goods. “Our goal is to offer the most attractive prices to generate revenue on the site. »

“We are trying to build a universe around luxury second hand and not just being resellers. »

Romain GeaCo-founder of Ormain

Coins at gold prices

Since its inception, Ormain has sold pieces that can reach €4500. “Chanel bags are particularly popular,” comments the team, which expects large deposits of Hermès bags in the coming months. “And there it could be up to 8,000 or 10,000 euros. »

How it works ?

How does that work specifically? Two options are available to Ormain: cash purchase of a part which is then resold, or traditional escrow with a commission charged by the seller on the purchase price. For the buyer there is nothing special compared to a classic purchase on the Internet.

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“There are always negotiations,” Romain Gea continues. We can raise our estimates, lower our commissions… We’re trying to reach an agreement. »

Ormain also offers a personal shopping service if the customer has a special request. “We agree on a budget and then we go in search of the rare pearl. »

“All items offered are checked and physically inspected before being placed online. Seams, typography, textures, embossing, proportions, dimensions, colors, weight, smell, jewellery, packaging… Everything is analyzed. »

or main

A deal in 2023?

The small Ormain team on rue de la Pomme in the Saint-Georges neighborhood is not yet able to accommodate physical customers. “We are currently looking for a place to set up our business and display our products. The ideal would be to consider this for early 2023,” Romain Gea aims with a view to Toulouse and Biarritz.

“We want a clean room that’s reminiscent of luxury, so it’s not easy to find,” laughs the young man.

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