Electric bikes or not, new aids are born on August 15: here’s who’s worried

The subsidy for buying a bicycle will be increased between August 15 and December 31, 2022.
The subsidy for buying a bicycle will be increased between August 15 and December 31, 2022. (© Halfpoint / Adobe Stock)

Before setting out on the trails by bike, one problem arises: having a bike. Quite expensive, especially for the two bikes with electric assistance. However, it is a real challenge to further develop the bicycle as a means of transport, an alternative to the private car, among other things.

It’s about “encouraging change Behavior towards clean mobility » that the MPs of the Renaissance tabled an amendment that was accepted in the Finance Amendment Act.

This, almost unnoticed, ensures an appreciation of the bonuses for the purchase of an electrically assisted bicycle and the exchange bonus. A budget of 5 million euros has been allocated.

Aid to those most in need is born from this Monday, August 15th to December 31st, 2022. Details.

Help buying an e-bike

In the amendment tabled, the Renaissance MPs [majorité présidentielle, Ndlr.] believe that “there are few purchase support schemes outside of urban areas, while cycling can be a useful response in medium-sized towns, rural and suburban areas”.

Only 4% of areas with less than 50,000 inhabitants offer shopping assistance compared to 100% of the 14 areas with more than 500,000 inhabitants (ADEME, 2020).

Members of the Renaissance

In this context, the parliamentarians have chosen to generalize the aid, local aid is no longer needed to receive state aid, like since 2018 and the start of this UAE promotion.

One step forward to get that boost. But the help will also be upgraded and supplemented “to promote the triggering of bicycle purchases”. goes from 200 to 300 euros.

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A helping hand for the weakest

“For the 1st and 2nd income deciles [soit environ 13 000 € de revenus annuels, Ndlr]”Higher premiums can help reduce the hassle of buying a bike when the least privileged households are now significantly under-represented among the beneficiaries of the scheme,” reads the amendment to be voted on.

In order to, several nudges were decided for the most vulnerable households:

  • The UAE bonus from €200 to €400 (ie 25% of the average cost of an urban UAE);
  • The bonus is exceptionally open to classic bikes – without electric assistance – at €150 per bike (40% of the average cost of a city bike);
  • The conversion bonus ranges from €1,500 to €3,000;
  • The “Other bikes” bonus of €1,000 to €2,000 (which would be capped at €1,700 on average, 40% of the cost of an electric cargo bike).

Help for people with disabilities

“People with disabilities can be enrolled in these schemes with no income requirements, particularly the ‘other bike’ bonus, which covers accessible bikes.

Conversion bonus extension

The switch bonus for an electric bike is extended to family members. Understand that while several members of a household could use the same vehicle, the car should not be replaced by a single bicycle, but with one bike per person.

Hence the exchange bonus for purchasing an electrically assisted bicycle (1,500 euros) affects all members of a household, in exchange for scrapping an polluting car.

The bonus applies to folding bikes

In addition, the “Other bike” bonus also extends to folding bikes. A means of transport that promotes intermodality, as it is possible to take it on the train or even on certain subways/trams. The Other Bike tool is attached €1,000 up to 40% of the bike price.

One catch, however the measure is not permanent. If it opens on Monday, its end is already scheduled for December 31st.

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