Disney has officially ousted giant Netflix and the consequences are dire

news hardware Disney has officially ousted giant Netflix and the consequences are dire

The numbers just dropped: Netflix’s streaming platforms have more subscribers than its big rival Netflix. Disney + alone wants to overtake the streaming king in the near future.

Netflix is ​​having a tough time and will soon be caught up by Disney+

Things aren’t going very well for Netflix right now. In the first half of 2022, the American giant lost around 1.2 million subscribers. It’s enormous.

Even if this shortcoming is historical, it must be put into perspective. Netflix analysts themselves had rather expected a dead loss of about 2 million subscribers. The loss of 1.2 million people is almost good news for them.

Given the gradual price increases, ever-increasing competition and even the Ukraine conflict (Netflix has suspended its activities in Russia), the flight of subscribers seems perfectly understandable.

Thanks to its higher-than-ever prices, Netflix still scored one Net income of nearly $1.5 billion during the second half of 2022. To keep the good momentum, the company even plans to:

  • Suggest a cheaper plan than ever… but with ads
  • Prevent account sharing more actively to force more people to subscribe

In short, the current period is much more difficult than usual for Netflix, the company is far from getting into the big trouble.

Disney has officially ousted giant Netflix and the consequences are dire

Disney is experiencing extremely strong growth, and we’re going to pay for it

While Netflix rows, Disney levitates.

Not everyone knows, but Disney+ isn’t the only streaming platform in Mickey’s house: Disney also owns Hulu and ESPN+, very popular services across the Atlantic.

  • With his recent loss Netflix only has 220.67 million subscribers (Figures for the month of June 2022).
  • The 3 Disney platforms combined now have 221 million subscribers.

Of those 221 million paid subscriptions, 152 million are for Disney+. The entertainment giant’s Queen platform is growing rapidly: In the spring of 2022, more than 14 million people with big ears passed on their credit card codes to the company.

If Disney+ continues its momentum and Netflix stagnates or even continues its decline, It’s only a matter of months before the platform hosting Marvel catches up with the one producing Squid Game.

This success has painful consequences. Now that Disney has drawn huge crowds with its blockbusters only on Disney+ and half the price of Netflix, The Entertainment Emperor will catch the fish by… raising his prices (if you want to keep paying as much as you do today, you’ll have to deal with advertising).

For now, only the United States is affected by this tariff increase, but it will certainly be our turn.

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