End of flight tickets under 10 euros at Ryanair: what will change soon

Ryanair’s general manager has just announced the end of tickets under 10 euros. Due to rising fuel costs, a general price increase is expected in the near future. We take stock of the latest announcements.

Ryanair will leave the era of low fares. This is the announcement from Michael O’Leary, the airline’s general manager, who was interviewed by the BBC Thursday, August 11, 2022. A paradigm shift due to rising energy costs.

No more banknotes under 10 euros

According to statements by Michael O’Leary, The average price of Ryanair tickets will increase from around 40 euros in 2021 to 50 euros in the next five years. The era of the 10 euro note is over for him.

“Without a doubt, our promotional rates are really cheap. Prices from one euro, €0.99 and even €9.99I think that you won’t see her anymore in the next few years,” he explains. the cost of kerosene surged, forcing airlines to hike prices.

A sustainable increase

In addition, ticket prices are set to increase gradually over the coming years. The European Union has decided on a decarbonization plan for aviation. A progressive taxation of kerosene and the obligation to increase the use of sustainable fuels are planned.

But Michael O’Leary denies that the airline industry alone is supporting any climate change effort, calling it a “misguided” fight. The CEO reminded that Ryanair is making great efforts to reduce its CO2 emissions, in particular by investing in more fuel-efficient aircraft. For him, the cuts must come from the road sector, with the gradual conversion of the thermal vehicle fleet.

As reminded of BBCcommercial flights will account for around 2.4% of global CO2 emissions in 2022.

More and more travelers

However, the company’s CEO believes that these price changes will not impact consumer choice. “We believe that people will continue to fly frequently. I think people will become much more price sensitive,” he explained.

Airline ticket prices have fallen sharply in recent years, and even more so since the coronavirus pandemic and the various lockdowns. With this downward trend, more and more travelers went abroad for short periods. Will Ryanair’s new pricing policy change the situation? The next few months will tell.

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