Inflation: “It’s a bad season for savers,” says one economist

For the economist Jean-Paul Pollin, this year’s issue A will “lose 4% in value” due to inflation.

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“It’s a bad season for savers”, regrets on Friday August 12 on franceinfo Jean-Paul Pollin, professor emeritus at the University of Orléans and member of the circle of economists. The prices of consumer products sold in supermarkets increased by 6.4% in one year, according to INSEE estimates. For French risk-takers, buying stocks would be the best way to make money profitable, he says.

franceinfo: How are savings doing with this inflation?

Jean Paul Pollin: It’s a bad season for savers. In the event of inflation, income that is not indexed, such as B. Savings, in value. So inflation at 6% and issue A at 2% income, the latter will lose 4% in value this year. This also applies to life insurance, which appears to be the preferred financial product for the French and whose income will be around 2%. Sparbuch A is tax-free, which is not the case for life insurance.

Is real estate still a safe haven?

Real estate will suffer from rising interest rates. This is not the case in Europe yet, but the central bank will not be able to hesitate for long. And when interest rates rise, so do lending rates, and there’s a chance that house prices will fall.

What other alternatives do we have?

If you’re risk-averse, you can bet that company stocks have fallen over the past six months and could rise again in the coming months. You have to be willing to take risks and also have some knowledge. It is best to trust your bank’s financial advisor or an institutional investor. It is best to invest your money in remunerated cash.

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