Taxes 2022: omissions, errors… what to correct in your online tax return

It is not too late to retrospectively change all the information explained in the spring.

Incorrect amounts, omissions… You may have noticed errors when reading your tax assessment. Don’t panic, you can correct them in your online form on the website. This telecorrection service has been open since August 3rd and will close on December 14th, 2022. Note that this option is offered exclusively on the Tax Administration website and does not use the smartphone or tablet application capital city.

What you can correct online

You must first connect to your private space using your password or France Connect. Then you need to click on “Go to online correction” and change the Details of your expenses and income, family members, tax credits and credits (childcare costs, donations to associations, etc.) or your real estate tax (IFI).

The limits of online changes

Please note that you cannot correct everything online. For example, if you moved in 2021 without stating this in your original declaration, this is not possible in telecorrection. “In the online correction process Address changes are not possible‘ confirms the tax office.

To make this change you need to go to your “Secure Messaging”, then on the “Write” tab to the details “I am reporting a change in personal situation” and “I am changing my sender address”. capital city.

In your Secure Messaging, a line “I am changing my family situation (marriage, PACS, birth, divorce, death…)” will appear under the heading Change in personal situation. To do this, go to the “Manage my source direct debit” service in your protected area and then click on “Report change in family situation”. In the same withholding tax section you can change your bank details if they are out of date.

Note that in the event that you have made a mistake in your online declaration regarding a change in family situation, you must submit a paper declaration to your public tax office, supplemented by an explanatory letter asking that this statement supersedes and replaces the online statement.

What about the paper statement?

To change your tax return, you must inform your personal tax department either:

In this case you must be on the 1stD side CORRECTION, CANCELED AND REPLACED DECLARATION and re-enter all positions to be declared, including the correct positions from 1D Statement, details of the public service website.

After receiving your tax assessment, you can apply for the 2021 tax return until December 31, 2024.

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