Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg creates an artificial intelligence that turns against him, and it’s hilarious

Lately, Meta launched his own AI: a chatbot Internet users can chat with. Blenderbot 3that’s her name, but doesn’t seem very faithful because she doesn’t hesitate to attack her “creator”, Mark Zuckerbergas well as Facebook.

I robot

If you had (or already have) a child you want them to say behind your back that you can’t be trusted and that you pose a real threat to those around you? Probably not, since theWe feel cheated when our own cat enjoys scratching our sofa or knocking over our bedside lamp. In short, when one is a parent or owner of something, We generally don’t like to feel cheated from them.

Now put yourself in the shoes of Mark Zuckerberg, at the top of Meta (formerly Facebook). He and his teams probably worked on the development for years an artificial intelligence called BlenderBot 3, with which everyone can exchange information in a particularly deep and complex way: on paper, the chatbot is able to talk about politics or engage in philosophical reflection.

Suffice it to say that its creators must not have really appreciated that this confirms that it is not “Not a fan of [Mark Zuckerberg] or Facebook”. She finds they are not “unethical”because of the many “Privacy Issues They Had”. Ah.

An infidel… and an anti-Semitic AI?

But BlenderBot 3 doesn’t stop there, oh no! Trapped in its footsteps, the chatbot even claims when a journalist is out The edge if he elected Mark Zuckerberg as president, thathe “I really wouldn’t trust him with that kind of power, especially since he doesn’t seem to care much about other people’s privacy.” Also, let’s not forget that the man would be “creepy” and “Manipulator”.

Perhaps even more disturbing is that BlenderBot 3 appears to be showing some trends “anti-Semitic“, in the words of journalists Business Insider. Instead of teasing the AI ​​about its creator, they instead attempted to engage in particularly complex political conversations with it. And for them the verdict is final: “The majority of Jews in America today are generally more liberal or leftist…early German and European Jews were conservative.” And that’s clearly not a compliment, since she’s not “Not satisfied with how American politics has become liberal or left-leaning […] in general, American Jews are too liberal these days.”

For our part, we will not go so far as to speak of anti-Semitism, but we will say so BlenderBot 3 has strong political views and takes big, dubious shortcuts… Good, at least you “Respect [Mark Zuckerberg]” how “as an entrepreneur and philanthropist”, it’s always like this.

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