Review – RAM 1500 TRX (2022): Raptorovore

The Ford F-150 is to the American market a bit what the Renault Clio is to the French market or the Golf to the German market. Not in terms of size, of course, but in terms of commercial success. Indeed, this is almost half a century since the large (by our standards anyway) pick-up truck has been the undisputed leader of its home market. A model that wins trophies year after year and that also pays the audacity to show off in muscular Raptor versions or even Shelby. That was too much for the men at RAM – whose 1500 model is a perpetual second on the market – so they decided to respond with the TRX in a scathing manner. The name of the model alone makes the aim of the new model clear: its sound is reminiscent of T-Rex, the Anglo-Saxon nickname for tyrannosaurus. Direct reference to the Raptor, another species of dinosaur made famous by the Jurassic Park cult saga. And if you’ve seen the first movie, you know who wins in the end…

A T-Rex eating a Raptor.  Enjoy the wink!
A T-Rex eating a Raptor. Enjoy the wink!

Furthermore, if that wasn’t already obvious enough, the brand has even hidden a fun little detail under the hood, a gag that Americans love: if we open the airbox cover, we discover a T-Rex devouring… a raptor ! Is it clear enough now!?

XXL structure

If a classic RAM 1500 is not the decent variety in our regions, this TRX is decidedly excessive. The width increases by 15 cm thanks to the mudguards and the widened tracks, while the height increases by 12 cm thanks to the new suspension and the 35 inch wheels (!), bringing the machine to a maximum of 2.09 meters. Combine all this with an overall length of 5.94 meters (+2 cm) and you will understand that this TRX needs a lot of space to express itself freely. So forget the urban centers where you risk feeling like a elephant in a china shop, not to mention the actual challenge of finding a parking space.

The deliberately aggressive style is added to the imposing dimensions. All details and especially inserts are completely black. Unfortunately, they merge with the color of the bodywork of our test vehicle, also black, but be aware that whatever the color chosen, the shields, the bonnet inserts, the rims, the mirrors, the pseudo air plugs in the fenders and the lettering remain matt black . It’s the front that best translates the model’s power, with that exclusive curved bonnet equipped with a large additional air intake.

Review - RAM 1500 TRX (2022): Raptorovore

The latter also hides three small LEDs which, combined with the light reminders at the rear of the cabin, make this TRX perfectly identifiable even in the middle of the night. At the stern, the dumpster is wide, but the 2,880 kg empty of the big lizard limits the payload to 620 kg, this to stay under the 3.5 ton bar. That’s not much for a pickup, especially at this size.

Deluxe Brute

With that rough-looking exterior, one might expect a cabin that doesn’t cut corners. However, it’s easy to forget the American origins of the machine and the taste for opulence of buyers from Uncle Sam’s country. So the passenger compartment is surprisingly luxurious. Already, steps will automatically pop out of their housings when you operate a door handle, making it easier to board (or disembark) from. Equipment is anything but superfluous, because the ground clearance reaches 30 centimeters!

The plastics feel solid, their assemblies are precise and regular, and the upholstery, like all the furniture and the storm doors, is upholstered in leather.

Review - RAM 1500 TRX (2022): Raptorovore

Many TRX logos are also a reminder of the model’s exclusivity, in the front seat backs, behind the steering wheel facing the driver or on the center armrest, where an aluminum plate shows some technical features such as VIN, engine and supercharger. Granted, you don’t get the near-perfect fit of a premium car, and the leather isn’t as refined. But we’re still way beyond what we typically find aboard a pick-up truck in our regions. Clearly, this RAM (like the other RAMs) clearly stands out from Asian and European productions when it comes to passenger accommodation.

The presentation is modern and very technological.  You don't feel like you're in a pickup truck
The presentation is modern and very technological. You don’t feel like you’re in a pickup truck

This is also noticeable in the equipment offered, whether standard or optional. In the center is a large, vertically arranged 12-inch touchscreen, replacing the traditional center console. This, of course, allows the control of all the functions and parameters of the vehicle and controls a UConnect 4 multimedia system, compatible in particular with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Behind the wheel, the driver is also entitled to a 7-inch screen between the dials, giving access to all driving information and some performance indicators specific to this TRX.

Rear passengers will feel like they are in a sedan as they have plenty of legroom.
Rear passengers will feel like they are in a sedan as they have plenty of legroom.

And most importantly, the habitability is pretty incredible! Given the vehicle’s width, front passengers obviously won’t feel embarrassed. In the rear, three adults can sit comfortably on the bench seat, where they also benefit from knee room worthy of a sedan. The storage space is huge and ubiquitous, and in the large central closet there’s another humorous nod to which Americans know the secret: a fresco depicting the size of this TRX compared to a human, a tyrannosaurus, and a… velociraptor.

The TRX is straight out of prehistory.  The proof.
The TRX is straight out of prehistory. The proof.

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