Xiaomi is shaking up the world of robotics with CyberOne

Xiaomi doesn’t just want to sell you smartphones, the brand also makes creepy humanoid robots.

This Thursday, August 11, the little tech gratin gathered around Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi. In his annual speech, the company’s CEO notably introduced the Mix Fold 2, which was announced as the attraction of the day. But like Steve Jobs, Jun had his “One More Thing.”

Therefore, in an impressive presentation, Xiaomi introduced the CyberOne, a humanoid robot that can walk and pick flowers. Even more impressive (or terrifying) is that the robot is capable of making simple decisions on its own. If the project was presented as a prototype this Thursday, marketing by Xiaomi is still planned.

With a height of 1.72 m and a weight of 52 kilograms, CyberOne closely resembles a human. Trained by an AI, he can walk, but he can also think and learn. The robot can actually remember its mistakes so as not to reproduce them in the future. If the project doesn’t scare you and you’re willing to host a CyberOne, be aware that the current price for such a product is around $90,000 apiece.

If the prototype has yet to be developed by Xiaomi to reduce its cost, it may cost a small fortune when it comes out. In any case, CyberOne’s presentation is a demonstration of the Chinese brand’s capabilities in terms of artificial intelligence.

A robot but also a car in the works at Xiaomi

In addition to a robot, Xiaomi took advantage of the conference on Thursday, August 11 to take stock of another major brand project: that of electric cars. Lei Jun himself confirmed that the project is indeed being created internally. The Xiaomi founder hopes to launch a first model in 2024 or 2025.

500 days after Xiaomi announced its future arrival in the world of electric cars, the brand took advantage of the conference on August 11 to take stock of the brand’s progress, particularly technological. Because Xiaomi’s first car will be very different from those that sleep in our garages.

In fact, the Chinese brand hopes to offer an autonomous car. Negotiations are now underway with the Chinese government to obtain licenses to market such cars.

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