Stock cubes in the kitchen: above all, do not choose this brand!

Dangerous broth cubes, be very careful, a bacterium has been detected! Do not consume this broth and bring it back, recall pending!

Stock cubes like you’ve never read before!

Sensitive souls abstain. If you don’t know how the factories make the bouillon cube, that’s about it. Thanks to the video above, you could see that it’s not necessarily that natural They want us to believe. For several years, brands have been competing with the homemade trend for originality to create original products.

Also for adding flavor to certain family recipes we thought we could rely on it. Oh, the association has just thrown 60 million consumers A bomb. After ranking the best shower gels, the top 4 worst kitchen gadgets might surprise many. Dear People Act Magazine reader, follow the guide and buckle up. We are entering a zone of turbulence!

A classification like no other

We could spend hours in the spice department. As a matter of fact, Brands want to offer us regularly New Products. Supposed to simplify our lives, they bring a flavorful bonus to the dish that it originally lacked. Everything to do with bouillon cubes, veal or fish stock also dominates this booming market.

It seems like there was only a long time agoa dozen references to choose from. That’s why 60 million consumers have decided to add their two cents. The result is really not pleasant to read! Despite the fact that they picked several, none of them reached the average. That means manufacturers absolutely need to revamp their copy if they don’t want their regular customers to turn their backs on them.

Thickeners and coloring seem to dominate the composition of the bouillon cube. And when it comes to salinity, it’s no better. Specialists regularly sound the alarm. The more salt you eat, the more likely you are to develop a serious illness.

Of course, we talk less about it than about sugar. However, they believe a pinch should be enough to satisfy enthusiasts. Therefore, the combination of these two culinary aids does not mix well. How to resolve this tricky situation without losing feathers? People Act Magazine takes stock!

This quartet of bouillon cubes is creepy

Among those tested by the association 60 million consumers, It is he who collects all votes. In fact, experts exceptionally praise the fact that there is no sugar in this bouillon cube. They wanted to congratulate the Knorr brand and gave it a score of 9.5/20. Unable to average that score, they intend to change mentalities and awaken our consciences. Now, let’s be sure to look at the ingredients list before buying.

This chicken bouillon cube contains a lot of salt. As People Act Magazine says in its introduction, it’s not necessarily a good idea to give too much salt. The editors can already imagine the disaster in terms of blood tests. So, if you have loved ones with heart disease, by all means forget this note! Fingers crossed that Auchan takes the opinion of 60 million consumers seriously.

When you go on a diet Stock cubes are often used. Unfortunately, the Dilecta brand has many (too many) allergens to take seriously. Despite its low calorie content, testers consider its composition a disaster. Until the manufacturers react, you can do without it.

At People Act Magazine we love talking about Lidl. In fact, we believe that this discount store will help us do good business all year round. While the German distributor has just released its new food processor, aficionados will have to leave this bouillon cube on the shelf.

Danger from bouillon cubes

First, it contains an impressive number of allergens. But on top of that, one wonders what the dreaded palm oil is doing in this parched square? With all the controversy surrounding spreads, we really thought brands got the message from customers. Let’s hope that next year we won’t be confronted with such nasty surprises. See you soon for new adventures!

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