Info alert: The bad news has just hit all holidaymakers…

In recent months, everyday life for the French has become more and more complicated. And for good reason between inflation, defect, product recallpublic holidays will be well deserved… But that, too, appears to be compromised. With prices that are only going up in all areas. meal, beings, hygienenothing seems to have been spared from inflation, which has already happened exceeded 6% in July over a year according to INSEE. And yet a message has just fallen regarding the holidays, and it doesn’t work not liked by many people. We explain everything to you here.

A complicated vacation

Going on vacation now takes courage, between gas pricesall the Fraud on the street or even accomodation, it takes courage. But it is still necessary to be able to accept the exit. In fact, if you plan to drive far or don’t want to pay for gas, you’ll have to go through them airplanes. But she too suffer from inflation. And of course that applies to vacationers.

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary has thus put an end to a good plan that has nevertheless made many happy. In fact, with the increase in fuel consumption, the price of the plane ticket to go on vacation changes. Don’t expect to see tickets at 10 Eurobecause they no longer exist. The low-cost airline actually announced this there will be no more such prices for the “years to come“.

However, this company is considered one of the favorites of the French, as it is a leader in low-cost companies. In view of the ever-increasing kerosene price Vacation with plane tickets for 10 euros, no longer exists. But in an interview with the BBC, the company boss announced a new economic policy for his company. In fact, average prices will increase by 10 euros. So the Average price would be 40 euros per flight ticket.

A confident boss

But the head of Ryanair doesn’t seem to be too worried about his company. In fact, if he was forced to end the 10 euro ticket due to inflation, it’s not just this company that is pushing those prices up. Thus he states that “We believe that people will continue to fly frequently. But I thinkthey become much more price sensitive“. This means that vacationers are increasingly turning to cheap flights to be able to afford a vacation.

That was also the basic idea of ​​this airline. In fact, it has managed to establish itself by offering flights that are very inexpensive and much less slow than other modes of transport. The company made it possible to go on vacation quickly and cheaply. But she always keeps that guiding principle offer cheap flights compared to others. But inflation inevitably affects planes too, and low-cost carriers sometimes seem forced to raise their prices. Also thanks to the company, vacationers will continue to be able to go on vacation in Portugal, Greece or Morocco for only €21.99.

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