In Luxembourg: Cars vandalized in a ‘secret’ free car park in Findel


In LuxemburgCars destroyed in ‘secret’ free parking lots in Findel

NIEDERANVEN – For several days, vehicles in 24-hour free parking spaces near the Findel Airport terminal have been regularly vandalized.

Flat tyres, broken windows, torn license plates… For a few days, residents of the Airport Center building, a stone’s throw from Luxembourg Airport, have been concerned about numerous cases of vandalism of vehicles parked near the premises of several companies.

These spaces, which are being created along the road in front of the building next to the airport, are used by some employees of the rental companies, but are sometimes popular with travelers who know the scheme and risk leaving their vehicle parked. their vacation time. In fact, the location offers unbeatable proximity to the terminal, which is only a few tens of meters away.

The acts, probably premeditated, would they be linked to the presence of these passenger cars? Impossible to say. The victims are also construction workers.

“I’ve been working here for fourteen years, I’ve never seen such humiliation. This could lead to organizational problems within our company,” testifies the employee of a financial company. On one of the vehicles registered in Italy, whose number plate was half unhooked, a police note urged the owner to contact the police station in Roodt-sur-Syre.

Accompanied by The essential, the police department concerned did not want to speak. “There are surveillance cameras around the building, but they don’t allow us to see this place,” specifies the security company employee in charge of reception and general security of the building. According to him, the target cars are often foreign cars. The essential was able to observe damage to several vehicles from France, Portugal and Italy.

The essential

“I advise you not to park here, it’s not safe for your vehicle,” says a man in English. He has been an employee of a financial firm for more than 20 years and is also wondering since one of his colleagues found two of his tires which appeared to have been punctured with a blade. “It’s voluntary, it’s done with a knife, it’s undeniable,” he adds. He is lucky enough to be able to park his vehicle in the basement of the building. The places materialized around the building belong to the municipality of Niederanven. Contacted, the General Directorate of Police, is due to comment on the case early next week. In the meantime, the mystery remains…

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