That’s how much a fan that runs all night in summer costs and consumes!

It is one of the highlights of the summer: the fan. A device that is essential for people without air conditioning. But sleep with gentle ventilation inevitably associated with costs. And especially when the fan runs all night.

Pretty simple calculation

To fight against this high heat, the fan can be our best friend. In order to determine the cost of the power consumption of a fan that runs all night, you need to specify how many watts it draws. Then the performance of a fan varies between 50 and 200 watts.

The average price per kWh in France is estimated at 0.174 euros in August 2022. And this for EDF’s regulated basic tariff according to the electricity provider’s website. The cost for a 12-hour operation is 10 cents for a 50-watt device. The price for a fan with 200 watts of power is 40 cents. Reduced to the month, the average cost for nocturnal cooling is between 3 and 12 euros, depending on the model. Of course, the price varies depending on the subscription and the Options from your energy supplier.

The difference between air conditioner and fan

With an average consumption of four hours per day An air conditioner is much more expensive than a fan. According to calculations by climate professionals, an air conditioner for a 30 square meter apartment costs 50.22 euros per month.

And thus 100.44 euros per month for an apartment of 60 square meters. With a living space of 100 square meters, this will cost you 167.40 euros per month. Compared to the ventilator, which costs between 3 and 12 euros per month, you sometimes have to resort to the latter. This reduces unpleasant surprises on the electricity bill.

A Fan can be useful when falling asleep, but leaving it on all night isn’t always helpful. Some fans have a timer that allows them to turn off after a few hours of operation. If you don’t have this device, you can also integrate it a small timer directly to the socket. It doesn’t cost much and saves a lot of money.

Optimize comfort with a fan

The use of the fan for better sleep by a feeling of freshness in hot weather staying at night is a good idea. However, to improve this use, it is still advisable to prevent the penetration of heat during the day. To do this, close shutters and windows, and then place a damp film over the windows. Another effective trick to freshen up the bedroom at night is a Container with ice cubes in front of the fan. This disperses cold air throughout the room and significantly lowers the ambient temperature.

However, do not point the fan at your pillow. Fanning towards your head overnight can cause side effects the next day. For example, a runny nose, sore throat or just a cold. A violent temperature change may lead to less sympathetic reactions. Therefore, align it at the foot of the bed or in the middle of the room to avoid discomfort.

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