Fuel prices: 3 tips for saving on the way to vacation

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Despite the significant drop in fuel prices, refueling is expensive, especially when you go on holiday or when you come home. Here are X tips to save some money on your way to vacation.

As Augustinians go on vacation or return, still-high fuel prices could slow summer spending. Here are 3 tips to save some money on your way to vacation.

Go easy!

First tip: Avoid overcrowding your vehicle. Going on vacation often rhymes with an overcrowded car: bags of clothes, beach gear, pillows, etc. The heavier the vehicle, the more fuel it uses. So if you only take the essentials with you, you can save some fuel.

Another solution to reduce the weight of your vehicle: only fill it half full; This allows you to reduce the weight of your car, sometimes even up to twenty kilos.

Stay between 1000 and 2000 rpm

The ideal engine speed for a car is between 1500 and 2000 rpm. On the Autobahn, these values ​​can be exceeded very quickly, especially if you have a small vehicle that can reach 3,500 or even 4,000 rpm at 130 km/h. One solution: slower! The faster you go, the lower your engine revs… and the less fuel you use.

Be careful with air conditioners

Driving with air conditioning uses more fuel. Air conditioners require engine power to operate. So it makes sense for the engine to burn fuel so the air conditioner can cool you down.

According to ADEME, air conditioning increases fuel consumption by one liter per 100 kilometers. The trick is to “recycle” your ventilation so that the air your vehicle cools is already in the passenger compartment, reducing energy consumption. However, be careful not to abuse it too much, so as not to affect the quality of indoor air. You can also open your car’s windows before you go on a trip so that the hot air is already exhausted… and therefore less difficult to cool.

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