Air Algérie meal: passengers asked for “understanding”.

The meals served on board the planes of the national airline Air Algérie have drawn widespread criticism on social media. After several complaints, the Algerian Consumers’ Association (FAC) took the initiative to investigate the situation.

On social media, Air Algérie passengers have differing opinions about the meals served on the plane. Some travelers testify that the service is quite acceptable, especially when we compare Air Algérie’s meals to the other companies operating on the Algerian route network.

Meals served at Air Algérie: Passenger criticism continues

Others do not hesitate to criticize the company’s catering service, which, in their opinion, hardly meets passengers’ expectations, especially in relation to the high ticket prices. Negative feedback was amplified following the fire that devastated an Air Algérie catering center at Algiers airport on July 25.

An Air Algerie passenger who flew Algiers – Paris Orly yesterday, Friday, August 12, shared on Facebook a photo of the meal to which he was entitled during his trip. The menu consists of a sandwich, a piece of juice, a portion of cheese and a small industrial cake.

This passenger is obviously not satisfied with this menu, especially with the price of the ticket he paid for. “Yesterday (Friday, August 12, editor’s note) flight Algiers – Paris Orly for a ticket price of 600 euros,” he wrote in his post. After the July 25 fire, things decidedly did not go to normal.

The day after the fire, Air Algérie announced that it would reduce to a strict minimum the menus served on board its aircraft departing from Algiers Airport. Passengers will therefore have to make do with “sandwiches and snacks” until the center, which has been devastated by the flames, is back in operation.

Air Algérie: the appeal of the Algerian Consumers’ Association to passengers

Three weeks later, the service still hasn’t resumed. On Thursday, the Algerian Consumers Association (FAC) visited the center affected by the fire at the invitation of the director of Air Algerie Catering.

This visit also takes place in response to complaints from Air Algérie users about meals served on international flights “, we read in the media release of the Federal Administrative Court. On site, the association stated: “ the amount of fire damage “.

The center concerned has nevertheless, great efforts have been made to ensure continuity of service in neighboring stores and with the means available “, specifies the association, which took the opportunity to launch an appeal to passengers.

In fact, the FAC called “ Air Algérie passengers ask for their understanding of these circumstances and for acceptance of the meals provided until the company’s operations resume in the coming weeks “.

Likewise, she called for the intervention of Prime Minister Aïmene Benabderrahmane to ” give the necessary instructions to help this sensitive company (…) fully resume its activities “.

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